Located at 2 sites on the northern and southern tips of the city of Zavidovici in Bosnia &

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An assortment of various sized stone spheres which were found at a number of locations
throughout Bosnia, but predominantly in or near the town of Zavidovici.






The first Mainstream archeology claims that the spheres are formed through a process
called 'Concretion’.

kənˈkriːʃ(ə)n/Submit noun;
A hard solid mass formed by the local accumulation of matter, especially within the body or within a mass of sediment & nodular concretions of siderite growing within the sediments & the process by which matter forms into a concretion.

This process is still somewhat a mystery within the archeological fraternity and is not well
understood or has divided opinion on the physical process, but considered a natural
process and ascribed as the cause of the Bosnian Spheres (Schuttenberg, Hooghly-Goldberg

During the research I have done in order to write about the Bosnian Spheres, I have not
seen any study carried out by a mainstream archaeologist who had actually visited any of
the sites or surveyed the stones themselves.



The two current sites have been excavated and studied by Dr Sam Osmanagich PhD. Dr. Osmanagich professes to have studied many stone spheres worldwide, including those in
Costa Rica, Antarctica, USA, Tunisia, Russia, Egypt & Argentina.

Antarctic Sphere

Antarctic Sphere

Costa Rican Sphere's

Costa Rican Sphere's

Tunisian Sphere

Tunisian Sphere

Site where the Tunisian Spheres are located

Site where the Tunisian Spheres are located

It is his Theory that the Spheres are intelligently made. He claims that the Bosnian Spheres vary in composition from Volcanic to Sandstone and Granite and that they were either created (ie moulded), or fashioned (ie carved).

Dr Osmanagich ascribes the stones to a forgotten civilisation which flourished in the Balkans between 1000-2000 years ago (Osmanagich 2016).

At The Northern site in Zavidovici, there used to be almost 80 of the spheres, however since
then a number were completely washed into The river Bosna, which flows below the site. Also many were destroyed in the 1970’s when a rumour circulated that the spheres contained gold and so were split open.


The southern site contains only 1 sphere, which is the largest and has the potential to be the largest found in Europe, if not the world.



1) The Arrogance of knowledge or fear?

The Bosnian spheres can firstly be used to demonstrate an un-informed arrogance within
some areas of what would be considered ‘mainstream Archeology’. There has been a
common declaration of the research done by Dr Osmanagich as ‘Pseudoscience’, which
(even though the jury deliberating on the spheres verdict, could still be considered as ‘out’),
has been vocally pushed by researchers who have not paid a single visit to any of the
locations in the Visoko Valley.

If considered, this arrogance can be placed into the same category as the Spanish
Inquisition, by immediately dismissing, without logical trial, the information given by a
different belief system. If the nae sayers are so confident of their findings, then producing
the evidence, presenting a logical case for their particular findings and using the tools on
which their particular methodology prides itself, should be a relatively simple exercise. Yet
they appear to have adopted the approach of ‘ridicule and scorn’, on the findings.

History has repeatedly shown that this is a tactic of those who fear a particular event rather than attempt to logically prove it as false.

In the case of the Bosnian spheres (and indeed all of the anomalies in the Visoko Valley and the banks of the river Bosna), the ridicule has been cast from afar and repeated (often in
the wrong context), in peer journals and related publications.
See link below for blanket quotations, as an example of jumbled unrelated / unresearched

2) Incomplete Data and Alternative Agendas

The cause of the onsite researchers (ie Dr Osmanagich), is not helped by incomplete

The Large stone sphere has only been half excavated which, whilst creating a very
impressive tourist attraction, does not allow for the answering of all the questions which
would strengthen (or weaken, which could always be the reason), the case of those stating
it has origins within a lost civilisation.

This approach could obviously be attributed to funding or the granting of permits by the local authority, however it does appear that the relationship between Dr Osmanagich and the Bosnian government is a strong one.

This relationship could also potentially be the cause of the protracted excavations, in that
tourism to Bosnia and particularly Visoko have increased exponentially since the
announcements of the discoveries were made and Bosnia is a country struggling to rebuild after a very damaging civil war. The current levels of excavation are enough to bring tourism
to the sites, so why rock the boat and risk damaging a valuable cash cow?

3) International Awareness

I was surprised by the amount of tourists coming to the site from many locations outside of
the dominant nations in Western Europe or in the Northern Americas.

The phenomenon in the valley is obviously well advertised in countries outside of these advanced regions, so why not inside them? Is it as simple as that, the advanced science proffered in these
countries negates the possibility of the Bosnian Phenomenon being a very real and game
changing set of artefacts..
is it that they could, if proved to be authentic, undermine the very cornerstone that those particular nations are built on?

4) Minute Numbers Found?

The Northern field contained roughly 80 spheres when land movement first opened it up.
The location of the southern field is approximately 5.3 km south of the northern field and
contains only 1 (the large Sphere).

Is it a reasonable assumption that the only two sites which
contain the spheres in the area have both been found or is it more likely that there are
many more as yet undiscovered spheres in the hills surrounding Zavidovici?

5) Proximity of Anomalies

The Sphere anomalies are found approximately 90 km north of the town of Visoko which
contains the reported Pyramid of the sun. Both locations are in the same Valley and both sit
alongside the river Bosna.

In many other locations worldwide, megalithic structures, which could possibly be ascribed to an advanced civilisation, can also be seen to stretch along particular valleys and normally next to a major water source. Whilst obviously this is a tenuous link, it is a unifying factor that has to be considered when trying to build an intelligent picture of a particular subject, i.e. if they are proved to be man made, they also conform to matching anomalies worldwide in both construction and geographical placement?


I am neither a geologist or Archeologist, but this does not mean I cannot see repetitive
patterns when they present.

The spheres are made of a material that does not conform with its present surroundings and in such a composition that the physical mixing of certain elements cannot be easily dismissed. The spheres are not perfect circles which one could consider they possibly may be, if fashioned by a forgotten civilisation (such as seen with confirmed man made spheres in Costa Rica).

The method of formation suggested by mainstream geologists, is itself theoretical with no
definitive and peer reviewed acceptance and is therefore as open to debate as those suggested by alternative theorists.

Mainstream has adopted what appears to be a head in the sand mud slinging approach to dis-proving the theory of Dr Osmanagich, who in turn has not helped his cause by only partially exploring all subjects rather than categorically proving one. This could also be stated as a clever political strategy in a country in need of as much business generation as possible.

Time will eventually prove one side or the other correct and whilst my personal hope would
be to definitively prove a lost civilisation, at present, from a purely analytical point of view I
have to take the cowards approach of sitting on the fence.

However if you asked me to commit using logic, circumstance and emotion I would lean
towards the fact that something highly advanced was happening in this part of the world at
some point in our distant past.


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