The Bosnian Pyramid complex is a collection of geographical features located around the town of
Visoko, for which it has been claimed are actually the remains of massive structures which can be ascribed to a long forgotten civilisation which flourished at the site at some point in the distant past.



Visoko is a town which sits in the southern half of Bosnia and is approximately 31km north of the
countries capital of Sarajevo. The town sits on the banks of the River Bosna and was at one point (approximately 1000 years ago), the political and power centre of the area and medieval remains of that time are still evident.

What does the Complex Contain?

The largest feature at the site is the hill that has been called the ‘Pyramid of the Sun’ and dominates the south western side of Visoko.

The feature has 3 sides that show the characteristics of a pyramid, being made up of apparent equilateral triangles; What would be the southern wall of the pyramid also displays the same triangular shape but blends with the range of hills which descend into it approximately 1/3 of the way from its summit.

There are a number of other features within the complex for which it has also been stated have a pyramidal complex beneath them. They have been labelled the ‘Pyramid of the moon', 'Pyramid of Love’ & ‘The Pyramid of the Dragon’. Also within the complex are a number of ‘Tumulus’ which again have been labelled as part of the original site.

A couple of kilometres to the west are a number of tunnels which have been bored into the hillside and extend towards the 'Pyramid of the Sun'.

It is claimed that ground penetrating radars have shown that the tunnels run beneath the pyramid and are part of the whole complex. Next to the entrance to the Tunnels, the ‘Bosnian Pyramid Foundation’ has established a park called ‘Ravine Park’, which has been created as a place to relax whilst feeding off the energies from the tunnels and the surrounding pyramid complex.

The ‘Rock’ which forms one of the tiers of the Tumulus?? Natural or Manmade?



It appears that some pillars of mainstream archeology were quick to show support for the findings of Samir Osmanagich (Dr in charge of the location), when they were initially identified in early 2000’s.

However this was short lived and for the main part was withdrawn within a period of 3 months.
Many mainstream archeologists stated that the findings were inaccurate and that all locations were just natural geographical formations and were not the buried remains of pyramids or any such structures. The whole project was labelled as ‘Pseudoarcheology’ and calls were made to the Bosnian government to stop any collaboration they had with Dr Osmanagich and prevent any further exploratory works being done on the site (Pruitt 2007). Also there were suggestions made that there was work being done which would change the shape of some of the features to make them look more pyramidal?

To be able to make an informed decision on the authenticity of the Bosnian Pyramids it is important to understand as many of the factors in play as possibles, and as the discoverer and head of the Bosnian Pyramid Foundation, Dr Samir Osmanagich is at the top of the pile from the point of view of the ‘believers’.

Samir Osmanagich was born in 1960 and during the Bosnian conflict in the 90’s, he emigrated to
Houston, Texas where he eventually became the owner and CEO of a manufacturing company. He
holds a Masters Degree in International Economics and Politics and since he started the Bosnian
Pyramid projects, he has completed a PhD in Social Sciences; both qualifications were completed at the Sarajevo University. The Dr holds no formally recognised archaeological qualifications.



I have met, spoken to and observed Dr Osmanagich over the past week I have been in Visoko. He is a pleasant and charismatic man who is comfortable being the centre of attention within a large group of people. He will make time for and chat to anyone who wishes to speak to him, he has a friendly demeanour and also what could be termed as ‘stage presence’, which is matched physically by his very striking blue eyes.

On the Sunday after my arrival there was a ‘Concert’ in Ravine park, which took place on a beautiful day and I used this opportunity to watch the Dr as the day progressed. I noticed how he handled crowds and individuals, but I feel more importantly, I watched him move around on his own on many occasions. My overall impressions was that he is a genuinely nice guy, who maintains his professionalism when in-front of his crowd but is also generous and considerate when not the centre point.

Dr Osmanagich with The stone he claims are the strongest Cement stone ever made?

Dr Osmanagich with The stone he claims are the strongest Cement stone ever made?

Of course his successful businesses and higher education qualifications demonstrate that he is a
driven man. He has studied and invested to achieve his position, but he will also have developed a
method of business management to ensure his vision and intended project direction is understood and correctly implemented by his subordinates. You can see he has a close team around him at the Bosnian project and that it is obviously run along a business model.

I did observe him show slight irritation when one particular tourist continued to question him on a particular point, in-front of a sizeable crowd, but that can also be a a characteristic of many if not all.


As well as the geographical features of the Bosnian Pyramid complex, Dr Osmanagich is very keen to promote the ‘Spiritual’ side of all of the features in the Visoko Valley.

He attests that there is an energy beam given off from the summit of the 'Pyramid of the Sun' that has a radius of 4.8 meters and a frequency of 28khz. This ‘Natural Earth Energy’ is the reason Dr Osmanagich feels the structures were constructed, to allow the energy to be harnessed for the betterment of the original builders and those who were to come after.

The Suggested Energy Beam?

The Suggested Energy Beam?

This theory is repeated in the tunnels which he claims have healing abilities that can cure/improve all kinds of medical conditions including asthma and dermatological problems (there is however a disclaimer on the sign outside the tunnels stating that they still recommend people take their prescription medications).


It was stated that the air inside the tunnels has a better oxygen content than outside, thus promoting wellbeing; a guide informed our tour that the content inside the tunnel was 20.8% compared to 17% outside!! (The content of O2 in the air is approx 21% universally). These inaccurate claims will always weaken the case for any theory about the complexes history in the eyes of any scientific community.




Apart from the obvious shape of the 'Pyramid of the Sun', Dr Osmanagich claims to have excavated areas of, what he describes as 'man made concrete', for which it is stated tests have shown to be extremely superior to any modern or previously found mixes.

It is claimed that the Tumulus are made in a stepped pattern with layers of Granite stone blocks (which are very square or oblong and all have 90 degree edges), which then have a clay/cement mix layers between them.

Dr Osmanagich delivers a lecture whilst standing on one of the blocks he claims are made from the hardest cement mix ever found?

Dr Osmanagich delivers a lecture whilst standing on one of the blocks he claims are made from the hardest cement mix ever found?


he tunnels are claimed to be cut through a conglomerate which has been dated to approximately 30,000 years old. During a tour it was stated that the tunnels were manually filled back in and that they are now being cleaned of that debris (this is similar to Göbekli Tepe which was also manually filled in, a point which is agreed by all relevant disciplines of science).

There have been ground penetrating radar tests which (it is claimed), have shown :-
1) Cavities in all of the structures which are possible pyramids
2) The tunnels running under the pyramids.

Thermal imaging has indicated that the pyramids have different cooling qualities than the natural
surrounding features, which it is stated is because of the hollow interiors; electromagnetic surveys have apparently verified the presence of the 28Mhz field and magnetic effects on surrounding areas.

There has been core drilling carried out on the main tumulus which confirmed a hollow structure 30-40 meters down, but when I asked if the results of this had been published or were available, I was informed they were not.

Ravine Park

Ravine Park

This is a park which has been fashioned from old swamp land and is located next to the entrance to the Visoko tunnel systems, which Dr Sami Osmanagich categorically states is a part of the Pyramid complex. He gives personal tours of the location and explains how the ancients understood the natural energy of the planet and used stone megaliths or sacred geometry to tune into these forces.

Dr Osmanagich’s aim when constructing the park was to create a location which complemented the energies that he states are radiated from the whole area and channel them to create a peaceful and spiritual place for people to relax and attain an inner calmness.

He has built stone circles, megaliths, small concert stages, eating areas and play areas. All of which have walking routes intertwined through them. There are 3 rules in the park; ‘no alcohol, no BBQ’s and no shouting’. A cynic would say this conveniently allows him to sell his own products but this would be a false accusation, as there are no food stalls onsite, only free fresh running drinking water available for all. There are claims the water has mineral qualities and energies many many times stronger than tap water.

Followers of Hare krishna Making Music and singing in the park

Followers of Hare krishna Making Music and singing in the park

During my visit it was a stunningly warm and glorious Sunday and there were plenty of visitors, all who obeyed the 3 rules and maintained the serenity that, despite many attempts to be critical, I could not deny existed. It is a calm place. It is a relaxing place. It was full of people who were exhibiting the human traits of enjoying peace and tranquility without the need for any other stimulation.

Has he achieved the aim he set out for..? From personal experience of that afternoon.. yes! 


Bosnia is a country that is metaphorically just about ready to leave hospital after the injuries it
suffered during its civil war.

Its healing process is well under way. Its main arteries are healed but some of its smaller life support systems are still weak or are undergoing regeneration. It still needs help, and as with any country, that help would be in the form of investment. There is no denying that interest in the Pyramid claims have generated exponential growth in tourism over the past 10 years. This is evident in the town of Visoko which is starting to reap the rewards of this, as can be seen by the growing prosperity in the city.


All of this would be obvious to any successful businessman or member of the city profiting from it, and if they were worth their salt, they would exploit it to its fullest (and I would not blame them in the slightest). Maybe this is best demonstrated by a local I had a conversation with, who after hearing my thoughts on the pyramids said: 

“I don’t believe they are pyramids, but we of course have to say they are because its bringing in the money”.



The crux of Dr Osmanagich’s presentations regarding the entire complex in Visoko, focus
predominantly on the energies of the area and the spiritual side. This of course will immediately
create conflict with science as it cannot quantify spirituality, and so will immediately dismiss any claims about it and anything associated with it. A majority of the fellow tourists I met were there because of a spiritual belief and almost all stated they felt a very calming energy at each pyramid location and, because of the abundance of pyramid sites around Visoko, throughout the area as a whole.

I do not believe I am a spiritual person and I do not claim to have felt any particular energy force at any of the pyramids or within the tunnels. I could use this to immediately discard any claims by those who state they have felt such forces and indeed to cast scorn; this is an approach I have seen from scientific circles on many occasions, to belittle a subject they cannot understand or prove to be a falsehood when using the method they claim is beyond reproach (ie science).

That to me is arrogance equal to any religion, cult, etc who claim they alone have the answer.



I am apparently the Master of a Science (I have a certificate that says so. MSc In Critical Care).

The main scientific thing I learnt during my studies was to always “challenge the evidence”; by doing this we can move forward, improve, we can learn and progress (excellent). Another thing I discovered was that science is incredibly egotistical and bitchy. People who make their name with a scientific claim, do not want their life’s work challenged and possibly/probably proved to be incorrect. The bigger the name within the scientific community the more they have to lose and like anyone in the history of the human race, people will always want to protect what they have.

I have seen locations around the world which to me challenge the shit out of long held beliefs within the archeological and scientific community, but I have seen the main players close ranks and give what I believe to be ludicrous and indeed panic driven claims to try to maintain their status quo.


There is a paradigm shift happening, its happening slowly, but its happening and I feel it will lead to some very old beliefs and scientific claims being superseded once they cannot support the weight of apparent ‘alternative’ evidence stacked upon them.



In Science you try to disprove the ‘Null Hypothesis’ if you wish to prove your theory. Ie you prove the accepted to be false. In the case of the Bosnian Pyramid, the ‘Null Hypothesis’ is that they are natural geographical features.

At present I do not feel there is enough evidence to disprove the 'Null Hypothesis'.


That is the scientific part of me. In order for this to change Dr Osmanagich needs to carry out further excavations, with a specifically defined aim, on one of the pyramids (and lets face it, it has to be the large Pyramid of the Sun), in order to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it has man made elements to it. If this was done it would not quieten it’s opposition (people don’t let their life’s work go easily), but it would mean it could be properly challenged, whilst also propelling the Bosnian Pyramids to the forefront of historical ancient sites.

Does my apparent lack of spiritual connection indicate that all of those who claim there is a strong energy at Visoko are wrong?? Of course not..I would not dare be so arrogant. I had a very relaxed week on site and can I prove that this was not due to the energies given off..? No. But I will also not ridicule those who say it was an influence on me, because I do not understand the subject.

Is that an example of me being unscientific?? If it is then science is closing its mind in the face of something it does not understand and that is something that can be dangerous and bring out the worst in humanity.

There are enough anomalies at Visoko to keep an open and receptive mind busy. The future will
ultimately show if claims are warranted or not and it may be that there are elements that don’t stand up to further scrutiny.. but some that do?


Until that point in time, I do see that the pyramids, whether real or not, are having a positive effect on the lives of those around them, by allowing the community to heal wounds, grow and prosper… all of which match the claims made by Dr Osmanagich….Hmmmmm??

A 3D Impression of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex


Pruitt, T., (2007). Addressing Invented Heritage: the Case of the Bosnian Pyramids. Unpublished.

MPhil dissertation submitted to the University of Cambridge.

Website for The Pyramid of the Sun Foundation: