Need to get this line out there whilst I can still remember it.

the best 'one-liner' of my World Cup so far


Let me introduce 'Tosh' and 'Rab'.  A pair of England fans, who have both been on the beer for the past two weeks.

Tosh is from Northern Ireland, is ex 'Ulester Volenteer Force' and full time party animal. He was sat telling a story about their return from Copacabana beach on the bus.



Rab who is Rab C Nesbit to the letter...vest... always pished... complete stereotyped jock and has not one ounce of rhythm in his entire body!

It went like this....

Tosh: "so we caught the bus back"

Rab: " aye... all those Brazilians on the bus, we made them sing us a song... we forced them to sing a song for us after we had done ours for them"

At this stage I had developed a mental picture of a coach full of terrified Brazilians, heading home after a days work and being held hostage by two drunk Celts

Tosh: " yeah they all stood at the back of the bus.... Do you know what tune they picked to sing......... Bloody Band Aid"

Rab: "" Aye....bloody Band Aid!!!" ........

At this point in the story telling, Rab, peeled away from the group and started trying to do the 'robot dance', but actually delivered a great impression of a pissed up jock bloke, who had just been plugged into the national grid.

as Rab 'danced', Tosh delivered the immortal line

Tosh: " aye they sang fuckin Band Aid..... and Rab..... he fuckin moon-walked right through the middle of em"