Day 30 .......sitrep


The 'Great Escape' plan went in to effect this morning, as we made a break from World Cup camping. It felt like getting early release from a POW camp, as we left behind some pleading, half starved & mostly drunken faces that still have 2 weeks to go before their flights home.

Most of you will be unaware, but there has been (or was) a guy living at the scene of the Woodstock Festival since the day it finished back in the 60's (google it). Gerry may be the World Cup Camping equivalent as he could still be living there, in a wheelie bin, for decades to come.

Moved to the hostel in Recerio and into a 6 man room, with 4 bunk beds and 2 more beds stashed on a little landing in the roof beams, that has a 12 foot wooden ladder to get up to it....that's where I am. Altitude sickness and mossie nests aside, once up the ladder its actually quite funky.

Onto the beach to watch Brazil slug it out with Chile. I fancied Chile before the start of the competition and think they gave Brazil a close shave. I could see the collective anxiety in the Brazilians mannerisms as they watched, praying for a goal. It's exactly the same as England fans are when they are praying that England are not going to be as shite as they were in the first half!

Was planning on going to Copacabana beach but could not be arsed to travel the hour there; instead a few of us nipped to the little beach front kiosk, directly in front of the hostel. As it goes this was a complete result, as the kiosk was the location of a monthly event in which a prominent DJ plays at a location somewhere on the Rio coastline and tonight it just happened to be playing at that kiosk. Huge party started that went on until gawd knows what time this morning.

A dam fine evening in which once again the beer and vodka flowed!