Day 22 ......sitrep

Woke thoroughly depressed and hungover (again!) and ready to move on, so packed all my kit and bugged out of Sao Paulo on the first bus I could get on to, heading to Belo Horizonte.

8 hour journey to Belo, during which it was confirmed that England were not going to have some 'Mike Bassett' type escape and were in fact finished! This was due to Costa Rica doing a job on Italy, meaning they too were heading home early. A few England fans on the coach  were discussing where it had all gone wrong, which was all expressed with colourful language and more passion than was seen from any of the England players.


However, there was one bloke, who quite calmly said it was all fine and that we had played well but were unlucky and that he thought everything was fine & nothing should change . It's all a matter of opinion... and in my opinion he is a twat?

Arrived in Belo after 8 hours, by which stage the girl sat next to me was holding her nose, as I think I had the body odour and 'death breath' of a guy who had been on the yip for 3 days. Mucho knackered and straight to bed.