Day 19 ...... Sitrep

Early start to head to airport. Body almost back to normal, just in time to receive the alcoholic abuse it will certainly be subjected to whilst following England through Brazil with 10,000 other England fans!!

Good flight to São Paulo with the Bolivian National Airline; my turn peddling the propeller went quite smoothly, but I felt the 80 year old lady who was on as we went over the Andes, wasn't quite putting the effort in!


Arrived with only a few near misses over São Paulo which is HUGE!! ...20 million people live there...20 MILLION! one thing I did notice from the aircraft window, was the cloud of smog hanging over the city, it is almost as thick as someone from Nuneaton.

Mixed emotions on landing.

Joy. I am in Brazil for the World Cup


Joy. Driver waiting for me directly outside arrivals, name on card

Joy. Pure efficiency of FIFA, meaning it took me 1 minute to collect my tickets for England's next 2 games in the airport.

Frustration. Barclaycard not working in any cash point in the airport. Won't even recognise it!

Anger. The lack of help and understanding from Barclaycard helpline. Quick example...

"Hi I'm in Brazil and my cards not working"

"All is ok here Mr Mills, you drew some cash last night in Bolivia can you go back to that cashpoint?"

"I'm in Brazil"

"Ah ok. Well I will cancel that card and send a new one to your home"

"I'm in Brazil "

"Ah ok can you use a Barclays cashpoint?"

"Do they have them in Brazil?"

"Oh Your in Brazil???"


Sean with the 'light snack' he ordered for us!

Sean with the 'light snack' he ordered for us!

Left the issue unresolved I moved to hotel then out to meet my friend Sean, who is working over here during the competition. MASSIVE dinner in hooters with loads of South Korean fans and Russians going ape shit during their game.

Great atmosphere.


our waitress...smiling because she got our food to us without putting her back out!

our waitress...smiling because she got our food to us without putting her back out!


It's day 20 as I type. Just of to the 'Official England Fans' venue. I may end up sizzled again??

Quick point. Just met some Uruguay fans in hotel, they are terrified of having to play us next and think we are looking very good. I'm glad to hear that, I never mentioned I felt the same about playing them