Day 71 & 72.......sitrep

The 'Maid' hits a high note!

The 'Maid' hits a high note!

Awoken earlier than expected today thanks to the two 'maids' who were stood just outside my door having a good old 'chat'. "That's not to drastic" I hear you cry, but one of these women was not your ordinary human being; I am convinced that she was from an, as yet unreported, mutant strain of our species, because she had a number of special skills you do not normally associate with homo sapiens. She had a voice that was one decimal down from that of a Nagasaki type explosion, with a pitch that was just short of making dogs melt and was all powered by the fact that she could presumably breath through her arse, as she did not inhale once during any of the 30 minute monologue she delivered.

This was then followed by 'mutant maid' unlocking the door to my room and walking straight in, at which point she saw me still lay in bed, about turned, headed out the door and straight into another hypersonic conversation.

Checked in at the airport and then had, what was advertised as, an 'English breakfast' but that must have been based on a different version to the one I know, as there was not a single slice of bacon, sausage, beans, egg or mushroom in sight.

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Boarded the plane for the 12 hour flight to Madrid. The time passed quite quickly but my selection of film turned out to be a 'chick flick' in which some guy lived forever in order preform miracles for his true love, who had died 100 years ago! That is 90 minutes of my life I will never get back and despite desperate searching I could not find a copy of "Revenge of the Nazi zombies" anywhere, which I had hoped would at least bring a bit of reality back to the situation.

Short stopover in Madrid, then quick hop to Gatwick and back onto English soil. The train from London to Coventry, which normally takes 59 minutes, took 2 1/2 hours......I got from Madrid to London quicker than that?
Honestly for most of the trip I could have walked faster than the train; it reminded me of the speed with which the England football team used to attack the opposition during the world cup.

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Taxi home and finished!!

It was an absolute pleasure, I loved the whole thing.

Dave Mills Continental Drift, South America, complete.

Dave Mills Continental Drift, Thailand.....Will follow in September.

Take Care xxx,