Day 69.....sitrep was a day in transit. I woke up on the coach in Santiago as it started to drop people off. The lady next to me did not say goodbye as she left and I can't figure out why? Eventually got to the terminal and then caught another bus out to the airport.

I had an 8 hour wait till my flight but due to the rain there was not much option but to sit it out. Passed quickly then I caught a 2 hour flight to Buenos Aires.


I had booked a hotel 3 km from the airport and the first taxi company said it "would be $14" and they got told were to go. Caught a taxi outside the terminal and the driver then proceeded to drive a long way from the airport, until I questioned him and he said "oops I was going to a different place"!

Having driven back to 3K from where we started, he asked me for $28 saying he had 'driven a long way' this point I lost the plot (long day etc), giving him it with both barrels and telling him exactly what I thought of him and giving him $5 dollars, whilst suggesting he took it in preference to a considerable dentist bill. To my surprise he then began to apologize speedily telling me what a bad person he was!

Chuntering like a good un, I fell in bed and slept for England