Day 68.....sitrep

I'm unsure if this was partly due to the exertions of the day before, or the fact that it was hoofing it down outside, in a similar fashion to the day I went zip wiring, but I suffered from "I really can't be arsed to do anything today ...itis"

I did however appoint myself as guardian of the log fire in the hostel, and vowed I would not desert my post at all and would ensure it was stoked and fed with regular supplies of wood.


This I did until about 2 o'clock, at which point I was shown to be lying shite as I abandoned my post to go and sample, what I was informed by Katherine who ran the hostel, was the best burger in Pucon.


She was not wrong, big 'fat boy burger' with blue cheese n bacon! Oh yes there is a god and he cooks burgers in Pucon !


Back on fire duty afterwards and I narrowly avoided roasting the cat alive. I had booked a night bus to Santiago so eventually left the hostel, caught the bus and settled into the fold down bed. Again I must apologise to the lady who ended up lay on the bed next to me, as she had to endure :-  2 coughing fits, a slack bladder (meaning constantly climbing over her to head to the toilets) and the gaseous results of a chemical reaction between the blue cheese and my stomach acid! 
I don't think she appreciated my proposal of marriage?

Eventually I coughed and farted myself to sleep so any noise I made after that I cannot be held responsible for.