Day 66.......sitrep

On the road again today. Headed by bus from Puerto Varas to Pucon, which is a similar type of place and has a volcano that's still active! 

The 5 hour coach journey passed quite quickly, but I have to say thank you to the young lad who was kicking the back of my seat for over an hour. In what I now believe was a well planned and executed strategy, he stopped literally at the point I was about to rip the offending limb of his body and beat him to death with the soggy end. Still passed an hour.

Arrived in Pucon and after a few false starts found the 'Eco Hostel' which I had booked to stay in. I must say you will have to go along way to find such a friendly bunch of hippies anywhere (you'd have to go to Pucon, Chile).

Popped into town to book some excursions for the next few days and the conversation in the first shop was pretty much typical of the all rest:-

Me: "hi I'd like to book something for tomorrow and Tuesday, what do you have"

Tour Operator: " hello sir, we have climbing to the volcano crater, white water rafting or skiing"

Me: " excellent I'll go with the volcano por favor"

Tour Operator: "the volcano is not available at the moment ...due to the weather"

Me: "ah ok I will go rafting then"

Tour Operator: "no rafting at the moment as the river is to swollen... Due to the weather"

Me: "ok er is the weather affecting the skiing"

 Tour Operator: "no sir"

Me: "excellent I will go skiing tomorrow please"

Tour Operator: "sorry sir you need 4 minimum to go skiing"

Me: "brilliant .. Well thanks for your help and ciao "........

So tomorrow is, as yet, undecided

As I type I'm chilling in my Eco hostel, not the hottest place on the planet but made up for in warmth of the owners.

Days to do are few :(