Day 65........sitrep

Lazy day again today, still in Puerto Varas, (whenever I get a lazy day it always signifies that it is time to move on to the next location)


Woke to find that my I-phone had passed away during the night. Whilst I knew it was going to happen, it's still a shock when it does. It had not been the same since I dropped it 3 countries back. It's a credit to it that it continued to soldier on but I think the soaking it got whilst I was zip wiring, at the side of the volcano, was its last straw. First sign of demise was when the home button stopped working, 2 hours later the screen flickered and when I woke this morning it was all over. Selfish bastard!


Asked at reception if I could put my laundry in and and received a 'no problem'. I grabbed every item of clothing I had, apart from 1 pair of shorts and T shirt, threw them in a bag took it down...... and then got the same unwashed stuff back 3 hours later with an added apology, as apparently the machine broke! I would not like to sit next to me on the coach tomorrow.

Remembered I had I-pod so a lesser reincarnation of phone is now in use.