Day 64 ........sitrep



Rain is the word of the day today, it rained a lot.... In fact if you have a minute..... it was raining hard when I woke, still raining as I left to go on a tour and it rained very hard as I stood looking at a waterfall. The shape of the land around the waterfall  created a strong swirling, wind that caused the already heavy rain, to arrow in sideways like a big wing of spitfires having a crack at the Luftwaffe & ensuring that every item of clothing I had on got completely soaked (Every)

Undeterred, we then moved to a boat for a 2 hour sail down a lake to the base of a volcano. The lake again has fjord like qualities but unfortunately the true beauty of these was hidden above the low lying cloud.....and the rain.

On arrival at the small village we were assured that there was indeed a huge volcano "right there .....directly in front of you .... Snow capped n everything", but in a situation similar to my first visit to Bob the Redeemer, all that could be seen was cloud.......oh and rain!

Being the true adventurer though, I was un-phased by this and decided to go on a zip wire tour through the forest canopy. Great fun and for an hour the rain was forgotten as we zipped through the forest and merrily slammed into trees, due to the rain making breaking difficult!

Ate a late lunch in a hotel during which I sat in front if the biggest log fire I've ever seen and completely dried out. This was just in time to walk back to the boat and get thoroughly soaked again


The coach from the boat back to the hotel was delayed due to the rains washing a 100m section of the road away. Eventually, a mean display of driving by the 'raving psycho' bus driver got us through it and the day came to a soggy end

Rain 1.... Mills 0