Day 63.........sitrep

First full day in Puerto Varas. This is a small village in the northern region of Patagonia on the edge of a fresh water lake, fed from the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

Today however you would be forgiven for thinking it was a costal village on cape horn, as the weather was giving it a bit of clog and the lake was putting some impressive rollers onto the shore


Booked a tour to one of the volcano's for tomorrow, and a trip to a nearby village for today. This village was founded by the first German settlers who came over in the late 1800's, at the request of the Chilean government, in order to populate the area.

You would also be let of for thinking you were somewhere in northern England whilst driving around as the landscape is identical to the lake district.



The main industry for the town is salmon farming and the recommendation that I "must try the local salmon" was accepted at lunch.  It would appear though that the local chef did not share the same enthusiasm, as he was to cooking the 'perfect salmon', what 'Vlad the Impaler' was to Forrest conservation and population expansion.

It started to rain as the tour progressed, which dampened the enjoyment somewhat, but also, you can only look at so many wooden houses with laderhosen nailed to the wall before your will to live starts to erode.

The last two hours were "free time" and the whole tour (9 people), just sat in a cafe, watching it rain, drinking coffee and looking at their watches.

This time was useful for myself though, as I got chatting to Mr Green back home and sorted out some business which it seems could be beneficial all round in the near future.