Day 60 (woo hoo) & day 61..........sitrep

Day 60 was spent heading back from the national park to Punta Arenas; this involved a coach journey through some beautiful landscape all of which had about a half a meter of snow covering it and it was great to just sit and watch it roll past.



The 'Beret' is popular in this part of the world, exactly like you picture the French resistance wearing in crap TV program's like Allo Allo. You keep expecting someone to flog jokes about fallen Madonnas to death, but I will say that, thankfully, there was not a black n white striped shirt or chain of onions in sight.

Settled into hotel and had a huge, and I mean HUGE pizza all to my fat boy self.

Day 61. Designated as an 'admin day'. All clothes washed, the next weeks activities planned and flights booked etc. I spent the day lay on my bed snoozing n planning. My apologies to the maid who brought my washing back and found me sprawled on my bed, in my pants, eating a 24 hour old, left over pizza. 
It's amazing how high pitched ladies can say oooooooh!