Day 56 .......... Sitrep.

Well today has been different!

Ok.... as previously stated, I was on a plane heading south to Punta Arenas. All had gone well, I had turned up at the right time, the plane took off on time and all was hunky dory. After the indicated hour and a half flying time the plane landed and I was getting ready to get off, when an announcement in Spanish just made me check, as something did not sound right?

Luckily the guy next to me spoke limited English and said that, "no this is Punta Montt" and that I should stay on board and the plane will again depart in20 mins, for a further two and a half hour flight on to 'Punta Arenas'


15 mins later, we were asked to leave the aircraft as there was going to be a delay (booo!), due to heavy snowfall in Punta Arenas (woo hoo!).

Sat in the lounge chilling, when the guy opposite me starts to break-dance & begins having a seizure. Panic reigned all around, but after all it's my job, so I stepped in and sorted it out quite easily, suspecting and later having it confirmed that the guy was epileptic..... no great dramas.


However... not everyone agreed that what I had done was easy. Airport security, the aircraft captain and the airport first aid team all seemed to think I was a living breathing medical god and, sensing a possible upgrade to business or maybe even first class, I was not going to burst their bubble.

With Mucho back slapping and taking of details and nods and winks from the flight crew, I settled down feeling confident I was not going to be cattle class on the next leg.

A couple of hours later however and the flight is cancelled completely due to mucho more snow than was initially thought. Options given to all passengers by the airline were :- we will fly you back to Santiago and you can catch a flight tomorrow, in fact no you can't because it's full, you can fly Friday??

"Accommodation??" = no get your own.

Even dropping hints of "er excuse do you remember me..... Upstairs..... red pants and blue spandex, .... Life saver of that guy who was about to explode??? ...any chance of sorting me out????".  Were met with a look of "that was then knob head... This is a whole new ball game"

So end result is..... I'm currently sat in a hotel in Punta Montt. I may be flying Friday, or may not, I'm waiting for a call or e mail to confirm, if it ever comes.


Initial impressions of Punta Montt are that it looks about as exciting as John Major after a lobotomy and despite having a seafront hotel complete with sea view, I can honestly say I've seen more inspiring views when checking my latest haemorrhoids with a mirror.

Still u never know, these unplanned occasions can lead to some really memorable events, but my breath is not being held !!