Day 49-50.......sitrep

As discussed in the day 48 sitrep, day 49 was set as a planning day with a view to moving to the very southern tip of South America to :- go skiing, attempt to get to the very southern point of the continent and generally do stuff n shit!! (Gangsta / throbber).

Starbucks was the site of the planning session but after 14 litres of coffee and numerous sticky buns, I was failing miserably so went for the back up option of finding a local travel agency.


This turned out to be a really good call as I was served by Susan, who was the font of all knowledge regarding Tierra Del Feugeo.... (possibly iffy spelling there, but who cares, I'm an illiterate Muppet anyway... so sod ya.... No really).

I exited the agency about an hour later with a flight to Punta Arenas booked for the morning after I get back from Easter Island, along with skiing sessions, hiking in the heart of Patagonia and a ferry across the straights of Magellan all planned. Nice one Susan.

Decided on an early night so watched a film called beneath hill 60 (true story of tunnelers in WW1...very good I recommend) then went for schlaff.

As already mentioned I got it all 'arse about upwards' and was early by 15 hours! With a heavier credit card but lighter bank balance, I stopped in a hotel at the airport rather than slum it.

It's Now midday on day 50 (woo hooo) and back at santiago airport waiting to fly to Easter Island. Really looking forward to this bit. Remote as u like and lots of history to get my head into.

All reviews say the internet is poor to non existent (surprising really for the most remote place on the planet?) so I may be out of communications for a few days.

Onwards !