Day 48....Sitrep

Up very early this morning for a trip into the hills and following what now seems to be standard protocol, I was the first to be collected and then spent nearly 2 hours driving round Santiago picking everyone else up, eventually collecting the guide from right outside my goddamn hotel. Oh joy


Good drive into the hills and I was very pleased when the hairpin bends we were negotiating, turned the little 'git' (Please feel free to insert a more vulgar expletive), of a kid (that had not shut up since it got on the bus..... 2 hours after me), white and it was vomiting into a bin bag, and doing a good job of filling it. (my compassionate parental side coming out there).

Had a stop once we reached the snow line, for everyone to get out and play in the snow. Seeing as I was 'Billy No Mates', I sort of stood there as everyone ran around, building snowmen and having snow ball fights.

I did eventually get into the spirit of things though and snuck off to one side and wrote 'Dave' in the snow with my urine and then, employing all of the sniper skills I could remember (which is actually non really), I managed to get 'vomit child' right in the side of the face with a well compressed snowball.

Initally feeling pleased that I had done it stealthily, I then saw the coach driver looking at me laughing his nuts off (it appears he was no fan of vomit child either). He soon stopped however when I put a well aimed screamer into his side window screen.

The Stop where I got vomit child with a beauty!!

The Stop where I got vomit child with a beauty!!

Up onto the slopes purely for a look round and the old "Arctic Warrior' in me rose to the fore. An instant decision was made that I was going to go skiing whilst in South America, and I have spent most of Day 49 planning it.

After an excellent lunch I went tubing down the slopes (see video) before the drive back to Santiago in which vomit child again lived up to his name; he did however seemed to have developed a slightly red welt on the side of his face. Also...the coach driver did not seem to want to talk to me for some reason, but kept pointing at a small crack in the window screen at the side of his head?.


Thoroughly tired after a good day, it was an early night with plans of 'making plans' the next day.