Self Preservation Society Tour ......Sitrep

Day 8

Decided to have a cultural type day today and also pay our respects to a previous generation of soldiers

Visited the 'Vimy Ridge' battlefield memorial and museum and 'Arras' memorial and military graves. Those of you who don't know your World War One battles, don't worry, they were just 2 of thousand of sites in France and the Low Countries, where a generation of young men were forced to slaughter each other in massive numbers, because some dickheads said they should.

Vimy Ridge.

Vimy Ridge.

There are military graveyards all over the area, for all nations, and on the wall at the Arras memorial are the names of 39000 allied soldiers who were never found, just blown to smithereens on this relatively small area. Over all a very sobering day.

Nothing funny to say today

RIP men of all nations murdered during that terrible period in our history

Normal service will resume tomorrow