Self Preservation Society Tour.......... Sitrep

Day 5



Sleeping outside of the van and getting your earlobe rogered by the local night creatures, may in fact be preferable to sleeping inside the van; come about 4 o'clock when the sun lifts its fat head above the horizon, the van resembles one of the torture boxes from Tenko. This heat then releases all of the odors impregnated into the cushions by Parker Jon the night before.....fromage!!

Due to excess over the past few days and the 9 pm kick off, we decided to have a bit of a chill day and just laze around the campsite. Blogs were written, phone calls home made and we indulged in a 3/4 hour discussion on whether the boil on Parker Jon's nose had developed its own weather system and even primitive signs of life?

Parker Jon's cunning disguise!

Parker Jon's cunning disguise!

We decided the morning's exercise would consist of a trip to the supermarche however, just as we were about to leave the site, Jon got chatting to an English couple and managed to pull off the deal of the tournament by purchasing two tickets to the England V Wales game for 30€ (30€!!!! Tosser...I payed 105€ for 1!!)...however they're in the disabled section! With the tickets came a collapsible walking stick (I jest you not) and Jon spent the day practicing his limp....the dribbling and simple look on his face he perfected years ago. Also we have to find someone to go in with him, to be his carer (again I do not jest). So if reading this you know anyone who is in Lens, has no ticket yet and has experience with caring for the mentally deranged (in Jon's case), pass them the link and they could be onto a winner

More lazing and snoozing in the afternoon......I have been blagging Parker Jon to be my brew bitch and basically do all of the domestic tasks about the van; doing so has allowed me time to consider things and write the blogs (sat in smoking jacket, with pipe)...... However I feel I may have been rumbled as, going purely by taste, I think he is getting revenge by actually making tea by boiling up one of his flip flops?

Headed to the stadium in the hope of catching the wales game but no where was showing it! order to comfort ourselves over this fact we got pissed and stood with, chatted to and sang with the thousands of Fans of both teams who were in the bars and on the streets...great atmosphere

Into the game and atmosphere was electric...England everywhere in the stadium, I don't know how it sounded on the TV but it was deafening inside. As for the game ....England look like they could be a superb team, it's all there apart from the end product. Sterling had a bad game and seems to be lacking confidence, 'Woy' needs to have 2 up front for remaining games and if we can shake the goal keeping calamities, which have plagued the national team since the late 16th century, we could do OK. Not happy with end result but all to play for in next 2 games.

The crowd control at the stadium is shocking and I can't understand why. The French have held lots of major tournaments and the way they are handling it seems as if they put Chloe, age 3 1/2, in charge of crowd movement....if they don't improve, people will get hurt.

Trying to get transport after the game is also a laugh....9 PM kick off, last buses = 9:23! Struggled to get taxi along with a few thousand others, so started walking. A few hours later we managed to find an enterprising lad who was cutting around in the French equivalent of a Sinclair C5, giving people lifts..we clambered, squeezed and forced ourselves in. Pleased that we had saved our feet any further distance, he set off, drove round the corner and pulled up in front of our campsite...20€... That lad will go far.

Lens tomorrow.....615 miles


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