Self Preservation Society Tour ........ Sitrep

Day 22

Woke this morning and analysed how I felt about England's unfortunate but glorious exit from the Tournament. After some deep soul searching I decided I was actually OK with it and it did not bother me at all. I decided that I was really quite pleased that I could now get on with a proper holiday!!

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Wandered up to the camp shop and all of a sudden had the desire to kick the campsite cat right up the arse, but after seeing the look it gave me, decided it was a bad idea. Spoke to 'strumbahnfurher Ethel' and was quite disappointed that she was sociable and helpful, which seemed a little grating...I'm not sure why?

RAF came over to say bye and I told him I thought the RAF could have done more to win the war and that his missus had a nice arse...he agreed on both accounts, shook hands and left. Told Parker Jon he had a really daft head and he just dribbled and kept nutting the back door of the van.

The ticket machine at the motorway toll just ignored me when I protested about the 3 euros it wanted, then said goodbye in three languages before it gave me my ticket back.

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Parker Jon seems to think I had a bout of road rage but he is in fact a knob head. I was merely taking up the correct position on the road and had nothing to do with the Citroen CV that crashed into a verge, just south of Toulon. The driver, 80 years old if she was a day, was probably blinded by the sun?

Over all a good day, surprisingly pleasant and stress free, considering last nights events. I've finished the police interview now and they said she never felt a thing..... so all's well...