Self Preservation Society Tour........ Sitrep

Day 20

Needed to exchange my ticket voucher for a ticket to the next England game, so headed in to Nice, to the location where this was happening then, once successful, we headed down to the sea front to enjoy the day and watch a few of today's games

Points to note on Nice......

download (8).jpg

1) not a grain of sand on the beach, pure pebbles....this is fine if your Robinson Cruso, but not in any way fun if your Millsdavid or Parker Jon. Anyone who knows me will know I have gay feet, and this leads to me looking like a 'mobile Steven Hawking' whenever I try to walk on any non-soft surface in bare feet. It appears Parker Jon is very similar. So, to prevent looking like Hinge n Bracket on ecstasy we avoided the beach.....but still sat n watched some of the bikini clad ladies do their own break dance across the stones.

2) it's bloody hot. This caused the medic in me to decide to lay of the beer for a day and just hammer water down and lead to the phsyco in Jon attempting a world record in 'Drinking Beer Without Breathing'...he was successful and set a new record of 11 hours 34 mins.

The atmosphere for the French games is a little subdued really...they definitely dont go into full on spastic mode as the Brits do. They were just to strong for the Micks, especially down to 10 men.

2 incidents had me giggling my arse of today.

1) watching a inebriated Parker Jon, trying to break a piece off from my left over pizza off so he could scoff it....he could not get the cheese to separate and after nearly getting into a fight with the offending slice, dumped it neatly in his lap.

Parker Jon trying to play a song the an i-pod

Parker Jon trying to play a song the an i-pod

2) Number 1 paled into insignificance though as we drove back to the campsite. Being rat arsed by this stage, Parker Jon tried to put some music on; his struggles initially began as he turned the volume down on the iPod, so nothing played through the speakers. This was followed by turning everything off, then on again, pressing wrong buttons, changing the base settings, putting the radio on, turning the iPod off etc etc.. 10 minutes....10 bloody minutes. I had to pull over for laughing....and the look of confusion on his daft face was a picture.

Germans look efficient as ever and Belgium are starting to tick

England Iceland tomorrow........easy?!!!