Self Preservation Society Tour......... Sitrep

Day 17

Another morning swimming in the sea with an occasional walk into town, was followed by meeting the lads from Poland and agreeing to having a night out in Saint Tropez.

This was not as simple as it sounds as its about 30 miles from our campsite. .......A planning meeting was held and it was decided that England and Poland would invade Germany, in retaliation for them always having a good football team; however prior to that we also planned that would have to get taxis st Tropez and back, which would cost a tadge.

download (5).jpg

Saint Tropez is money....... It's for people who have obscene amounts of cash, and wish to demonstrate exactly how much (It is most certianly not designed for 4 Polish & 2 English football fans) As with any such place it has establishments which pride themselves on taking as much of that cash from its owners as they possibly can.


However as it turns out it can also be a place where a truly unforgettable night out can occur. Having gained entry to a club and managed to almost keep a straight face when the round of 6 small beers was 70€, you end up chatting to a group of lads from UK and next thing only go and get invited back to their yacht on the key side. Free champagne, stunning women and then a orgy leave your head spinning and a story to dine out on for the rest of your life.

It's true, that does happen, there are stories all over the internet........ But none involving us.

download (6).jpg

We paid a months wages in taxi fares to get there, couldn't get in anywhere as the polish guys all had shorts on, had 2 beers each, which cost the same price as a shuttle launch and then cut our loses and paid for another taxi home, which had a bar, dance floor, and jacuzzi....... Or should have had for the price we paid.

So ended a night in which an old lesson, first leant in 1987, was reaffirmed and which left you feeling as if you had just been penetrated.

Went to sleep wiser and considerably lighter.