Self Preservation Society Tour....... Sitrep

Day 16

Beach day today.

Some things that definitely did not happen today, because both myself and Parker Jon are upstanding citizens... (well I am).

download (3).jpg

1) giggling and pointing at all the ladies with their boobies out
2) strolling around holding our bellies in
3) playing in the sea like 19 year old's
4) buying a football and playing in the sea like 12 year old's
5) weeing in the sea like 6 year old's
6) farting in the sea and giggling like 3 year old's

So we had a superb day doing none of that?

Out early evening into the small town square, ready to watch the final group games. These games had ramifications for England and therefore Parker Jon and myself. As I'm sure most of you are aware we are now playing Iceland next Monday, which we are happy with but hey....this is England! If England progress we are up to Paris and then if the planets align back to Marseille ......however that is a long way off in many respects.

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As we sat in a bar watching the games we got talking to four Polish lads and, as is the way at theses tournaments, we ended up on a major session with them. The session included 3 bottles of neat vodka, an aborted attempt to get to St Tropez, entry and immediate exit from a night club' due to it being a Jimmy Saville paradise and eventually settling into a nice bar for another bottle of vodka. Parker Jon cunningly side stepped drinking any vodka, whilst I got completely rat arsed.

I do have vague memories of chatting to a lass who has a much bigger motorbike than me, dancing my ass of to some pretty shite music, getting a lift back to the campsite from the guy who owned the bar, going off piste to get to the van and having some strange (yet satisfying) kind of phone sex with Parker Jon's missus?

The next thing I know it's this morning