Self Preservation Society Tour.......Sitrep

Welsh Fans arriving in Lens...

Welsh Fans arriving in Lens...

Day 10

"Match day is it boyo?"

Everyone was up and about early this morning fact, if I'm honest, most people didn't go to bed, they all moved to directly outside the back of chuckle 1 the second I decided I was going to get my extremely large head down. Once there, they decided to play such games as "I'm the loudest person here", "let's have a twat argument... because we're twats", "the thing I did is so much better than the thing you did", and everyone's favorite of "Iv got the entire Wurzels back catalogue, let's hear it"!!!!!!!

I have vague memories of Parker Jon telling the world / universe that, for some reason, he was in 'possession of a brand new combined harvester' and a little later mentioning that someone was (in his honest opinion) a twat.

On emerging from the van next morning, went to the nearby supermarche with 'Villa' (everyone is remembered for the club they support, not their name) and 'Nottingham'. We did however managed to avoid taking with us a guy who tells everyone he is ex 'French Foreign legion' and who is known to all as 'Bellend'.

The facilities we had been promised before being evicted had failed to turn up (surprise), so it was just go where you can (remembering we are next to a kids playground). However this situation has proved a couple of things....

1) it's not bears that shit in the woods, it's England fans
2) if the parents and children currently playing in that park, do go down into the woods today, they really are in for a big surprise.

A Likeness of the facilities for about 500 fans, next to the children's playground....& they were padlocked!

A Likeness of the facilities for about 500 fans, next to the children's playground....& they were padlocked!

(slight deviation at this I'm typing this, Parker Jon is cooking.....he's not so much Gordon Ramsay but more Fat Eric the retard!). But I digress.......

Soooo free bus into the town (broke down), then onto the beer (again), with the town full of English and Welsh.. Great atmosphere and a lot of solidarity has arisen due to the attacks being carried out by the Russians. Lots of singing 'we're  England and Wales..we're England and Waaaaales..fook off Russia...we're England and Wales'.

Plenty of street football going on and I unfortunately had my second episode of 'air shot' in 24 hours :(

Chants of ' sheep Sheep sheep shagger' by the English was replied with 'we know what we are, we know what we arrree' by the Taffs. Made our way into the stadium...if the French don't sort things out, there will be a repeat of Hillsborough at one of these games!

The national Anthem was stunning...and I mean stunning. I'm not an emotional person but by Christ it was moving....both sides rattling it out...absolutely superb.

As for the game...great win but one question......Sterling????

After the game great atmosphere again, I saw no trouble at all, just people having fun.

Headed back to campsite and sat and had some sociables with 'villa' 'Cardiff' 'Nottingham' and 'Bellend'! ...we also listened to the couple shagging in the van next to us, who we know as 'Swingers'

St Etienne next