Self Preservation Society....... Sitrep

Day 6

Total mileage so far = 1398

Il nous sommes encore......

Interesting nights 'kip' in the campsite in Marseille. Firstly a group of German fans, 2 wagons down from us, decided they were going to have a party and cranked their music up and schlurped 'beer a plenty' problermo there at all, give it some clog lads. At approximately 3am our Bavarian brothers decided it was time to bring there their frivolities to a close and packed up for the night. In a kind of role reversal of the "Germans and the towel on the sun lounger" type schtuff, the second their light went out in the Germans camper, the English lads next to them appeared from their van, in full party glory, cranked their music up, hit full volume in singing and delivered a metaphorical "raised eyebrow" to the no longer sleeping sausage scoffers! Seeing as we were the next wagon down and could not do anything about it (apart from give a wry smile) we joined them and partied the night away.

Parker Jon looking a little dehydrated....

Parker Jon looking a little dehydrated....

Decided to make an early start for the trip to Lens, so after 30 seconds sleep we hit the road about 8 AM. 616 miles between Marseille and Lens, and for every single one of them we regretted our enforced nights partying. Alternated the driving and had many micro stops to either take fluid on-board or get rid of it. When not driving Parker Jon sat in the passenger seat doing a fair impression of 'Jabba the hut' whilst also ensuring we had to do most of the trip with the windows down.

One point to note from the whole trip up....... Parker Jon can have certain, shall we say, moments, when he make's even cement look intelligent. One of these episodes occurred at a petrol station whilst he was trying to put the petrol nozzle back into the machine after just filling up. Simple task but what actually happened was akin to a knuckle dragging meat head fighting a loosing battle with an anorexic anaconda. Eventually the anaconda won by two falls and a submission; I was unable to offer any assistance whatsoever due to excessively wetting myself.

Eventually made it to lens having giggled and farted our way through France. Had the customary 'pulled over' from the coppers, of which one of them could give Parker Jon a run for his money on mastermind.

Copper......"can I see your identification"

Us....." What would you like, passport or driving licence"

Copper...."driving licence"

1 minute later having done some checks.



Copper .."how did you get into France without a passport"

Us.. ".we didn't"

Copper......"yes you did, your here talking to me, so obviously you did"

Us...."eh?? we have our passports!"

Copper..."why didn't you show it to me"

Us...."are you a real copper?"

Arrived in lens knackered and found a camping platz right next to the ground....tent up and sleep....

Hearing rumours England could get disqualified if more trouble.....severely hope neither happens