Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 151 - 158...Sitrep.

Days 151 -158

So what has been happening in my little part of this massive world?

Arriving in Novosibirsk   

Arriving in Novosibirsk  

In my last blog I had arrived in Omsk and was not feeling very good. This, as it turned out, was a bit of an understatement, as I was almost extremely very dead……or so it felt. My tiny room in Omsk became the scene of immense suffering as my body locked in to a battle with the deadly man flu virus. I did not move out of the room for the first 2 days, except to crawl (yes crawl!), to the shop next door to get more water. My temperature matched that of the surface of the sun, my nose dribbled more than a Geordie Toon fan and my chest was producing a substance which had the consistency of molasses and the colour of…of…well something very green and nasty. In short ….i was close to death.

This whole thing didn’t help with my mental state either. I realised I was on a massive come down after the World Cup and that this horrendous disease was due to having burnt the candle at both ends for an entire month, but I suffered from a HUGE bout of “I really cannot be arsed”. All I wanted to happen was to be transported back to a bed in England, to lie there whilst a multitude of people bought me medicine, food, water, grapes and flowers and sang soft songs to me in order to ease my suffering and to aid my transition to the next life, which was obviously going to happen. After 3 days I thought it might be a good idea to take some of the antibiotics I have been carrying since I set off and strangely enough these eventually started to drag me back towards the land of the living.

I managed to get out and about in Omsk which is pretty much a city as you would imagine a city to be in the middle of Siberia. It has a population of approximately 1 million, lies on the meeting point of the Irtysh and Om rivers and is not the most pleasing on the eye. They are holding a festival of music this year though, during which many bands will play at various locations around the city ie kind of busking. I found one such band which was a Reggae/ jazz fusion who were superb and really rocked.

I had come to Omsk in the hope of seeing some strange skulls they have in their museum of culture. In approximately 2009 a number of skulls were found in the area which had an extended cranium (see Video); the skulls had been deemed to frightening to put on public display but are most definitely held at the museum. Now why do I wish to see these I hear you ask.  There are many such skulls that have been found world wide, on every continent and can be dated back to antiquity, depending on who is doing the dating.

The accepted theory is that it is all due to ‘skull binding’ of babies heads in order to deform the cranium and extend the skull. To me this obviously leads to a few questions.

1) Why. Why would you want to extend the skull of your baby by binding the head in twine at an early age so that the soft, as yet not fully formed cranium, extends, thus lengthening the head.

2) Why is it a world wide phenomenon. Again we see a ? Ritual (if that’s what it is), which is practiced worldwide, on different continents, between societies that we are informed were not in contact with each other??  If you have followed my blogs you will know that I have said this about a very many subjects and is one of the many reasons I do not accept traditional history because what we are told does not match what you can physically see and hear on the ground.

3) Is it possible that the skulls were not (or not all), due to human interference and were in fact natural??

I obviously cannot answer these questions with 100% accuracy, but can speculate using the physical evidence on the ground?


1) one theory (which to me has a lot of logic to it), is the theory that (if the skulls were deformed by binding), it was done as a form of mimicry i.e to make the child look like something the adults had seen or was a strong part of their history. It has been theorised that it was to look like the gods, or the rulers. If you find this a little hard to swallow then simply google any Egyptian hieroglyphs and you will always see that the Royalty are depicted with elongated skulls…coincidence…hmmm?

2) If there was (as I theorise) a civilisation that has been lost to time (and for which the physical and written evidence is scattered all over the planet), is it possible that those who rose to or claimed the power on the planet had physical differences (ie extended craniums), of which we have multiple examples both of and attempts to copy??

It was this thinking in mind that drew me towards Omsk hoping to visit and view the skulls.

However it unfortunately was not to be. As stated earlier the museum does not display the skulls as they state it would be too frightening to the public (hmmm?). I asked about the skulls at the museum and was bounced around a few departments before I started to push the issue. At first it was denied the skulls were in the museum and then the story changed to that no one was allowed to view them at all. They really do not want people to see them….conspiracy theory obviously!

Despite my best efforts it did not happen.

Somewhat disappointed I retreated back to my room and despite an improvement just could not seem to shake the man flu which had nearly claimed my life!. I eventually pushed onto the city of Novosibirsk which is a large and surprisingly cultural city, with highly regarded Opera and Ballet schools and theatres. The city centre is very chic and trendy and there are some very quirky bars such as you would see in Camden etc, if in the UK.

I have toured the huge zoo they have here, which is not something I normally go for as I’m not a fan of locking animals in a cage. Whilst I had a pleasant afternoon I have to say that some of the animals were definitely showing signs of confinement, by pacing repetitive tracks and repeating the same physical movement at the same point in the pen each time they reached it. Also…the Lion….king of the jungle….had a cage about the size of the average front room in any house! No wonder he just lay there looking pissed off!

The only Picture I took during my trip to the Zoo!!  

The only Picture I took during my trip to the Zoo!! 

As the new week dawns I’m almost feeling 100%. I don’t want to feel like that again please, it was not very nice. I’m planning my trip to Gornaya Shoria which is somewhere I have been really looking forward to. It’s in southern siberia, in the mountains and if …IF…its what some people are suggesting it could be, it alone could change human history?? However it could also just be a natural feature?? We shall see??