Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 127 - 130 ......Sitrep.

England V Belgium Group Game....watched from St Petersburg

  With ‘Chris’ the Cockney Yank.

 With ‘Chris’ the Cockney Yank.

Hello All.

My Names Dave ….and I’m an alcoholic.

Once again I am typing this whilst sat on a train. This time I am leaving the beautiful city of St Petersburg, where I had headed to watch the final group game between England & Belgium. First of all I have to stress that it really is a stunning city, the architecture, cathedrals and monuments rival any Ive ever see, but they are everywhere.

  St Petersburg 

 St Petersburg 

I would love to say I toured the whole city top to bottom, back to front but I would be waffling. Instead I have immersed myself into the World Cup party, and in the process qualified for lifetime membership to Alcoholics Anonymous. As stated this is my 4th major football competition and I knew they were hard work but my god this is quite literally killing me ;o).

But hey ho!.

Interesting Story.

What follows is a story I was told by an England fan whilst in the fan fest in St Petersburg. The individual will remain nameless and If you read this you will understand why. Also if you consider yourself to be of a sensitive disposition ….your probably best skipping this bit..

So 3 England fans had bought tickets to see Englands second 2 group games in Nizhney Novgorod and Kalingrad respectively. They had booked flights and links between both locations….they were ready…they were motivated. The day to depart arrived and it was from this point onwards were things went a little bit tits up! As stated the first of their games was in Nizhney Novgorod but as it transpired they had booked flight tickets to Novograd…which is a completely different city and is also no where near Nizhney. This slight oversight meant that they completely missed the match due to being no where near it; now this can be seen in a slightly positive light, as at least you will have a cracking story to tell everyone when you get back to the pub …..the only problem is that this was just the start of their misadventure.

Undaunted by their mishap the 3 friends went out and enjoyed what Novograd had to offer, all getting so rat arsed that they could not find the very expensive hotel they had booked and so slept on the floor in the park over night. The next morning they found the hotel they had ‘stored their bags in’ and 24 hours later they caught the train to St Petersburg and on arrival went out for a little session..the only problem was that the session went like this.

1) It lasted 2 days

2) During the session they met some ….ladies who earn a living from being predominantly horizontal. The ladies asked the guys to take them to dinner….and they did so…it cost them the equivalent of £1000…..

3) Un-daunted they then went drinking with the ladies, which again cost them an arm and a leg and ,with 2 of them, rendering them incapable of completing the deed for which they had met the ladies in the first place.

4) It did not prevent the ladies robbing all of the guys money and watches etc.

5) When they woke the next morning they realised that, apart from being robbed, they had missed their flight to Kalingrad…thus preventing them seeing england play the final group game.

6) This was enough for one of the trio who booked an expensive flight back to the UK and departed.

7) The other 2, now found themselves in St Petersburg, Which was full of Argentinian and Nigerian fans, without accomodation. All they could get was one very very expensive hotel in which they could ‘store their bags’ before heading to the fanzone to watch England final group game which they should have been at!!

When I last saw them they were well on the way to being hammered….skint and had no flight to get home as the one they had booked was from Kalingrad…… they were both supposed to be back at work in 36 hours.

It did lead to a very funny incident though… there were some celebrating Mexicans who had a plastic vu vu zela type trumpet, which was annoying as hell and which they were blowing with gusto. One of them came right over to one of the lads (who is a stocky fella) and started blowing the trumpet like a man possessed. The England fan just reached out gently grabbed hold of the offending wind instrument and then slowly crushed it in one hand, cutting the puffing Mexican off mid flow. This generated a cheer from everyone in the fanzone and had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

Whilst in St Petersburg I also met Chris who I had hung around with in Brazil during the last World Cup and who I had spotted in the Stadium in Nizhney…small world

Since the time of the above writings I have:-

1) arrived in Moscow

2) Watched Argentina, Spain & Portugal all get sent home

3) Drank a distillery’s worth of vodka

Collecting Columbia tickets with Knuckles!  

Collecting Columbia tickets with Knuckles! 

4) Watched Muscovites go ballistic at their sides triumphant win

5) Not slept much.

6) Formed a partnership with Frankie (knuckles) Nevin who has become my travelling partner.

It’s great.

C’mon England, play with Pride….its there for the taking, it really is….Believe…BELIEVE