Dave Mills Continental Drift Day’s 87-91....Sitrep

Arite Der La..?

Its our year....  

Its our year.... 

The morning of day 91 finds me sat in a very nice cafe, just down the road from my digs (55euro for 5 days over the Champions league cup final!!) and if you listen carefully you can just make out phrases such as “eh eh ,eh” & “calm down calm down” floating along with the wind. You can definitely see that there are less hub caps visible than the first day I arrived. 


Of course the ‘bin dippers’ are in town for what could be their 6th European trophy but to obtain it they have to beat Real Madrid who are chasing a impressive 13th win. 

Of course I’m in Kiev having moved up from Odessa 2 days ago. I really enjoyed my 2 days chilling in the Ibiza beach resort and just soaking up the sun. I was pampered by the poolside waiters who never let your glass get empty and catered to you every whim. As I travelled up to Kiev I passed through some really lovely rolling countryside that had small villages that looked like they were back in the 1940’s and everyone was driving the ‘Lada’ that, from a western perspective at least, was synonyms with the media description of the Eastern Bloc. 



The fans of both teams have been rolling into town over the past few days but it’s obvious that Liverpool fans are here in greater numbers and have the loudest voices. Tiny pockets of scousers are getting a taste of fame here and there, as they sing their songs and are immediately surrounded by a gaggle of people with their phones recording the event. There hasn’t been a sniff of trouble that I’ve witnessed despite what the Sun arespaper may be reporting. (I was sent a link that suggested a guy from Nuneaton had been thashed to within an inch of his life by rampaging Kiev Ultras....lets face it, if there is any truth to the story whatsoever...the guy was from Nuneaton.....so its kind of justified).



Obviously I’m a neutral here, as the big game for me is on Monday when Coventry City are in the playoff finals at Wembley, but its hard to be an Englishman in a foreign city and not want the English team playing there to win....so obviously I’m leaning towards the great unwashed but will have no problem in jumping ship and partying with the Spanish should they achieve that 13th title.


My small whinge, which I’m sure i’ll repeat in Russia, is The Sterility with which UEFA want the whole thing run. It’s all corporate driven and you cant have flags put up etc as it will hide a sponsors name and everyone should be the great comrades, behave and be in bed at 11....missing the point that its the tribal rivalry and animalistic passion that create the product that they then sell to the world. Make it to sterile and your product fails..


and as for half & half scarfs......don’t get me started!