Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 37-38 .....Sitrep

 (Just to finish day 36)

After a 3 day camel ride I eventually landed in Weissenstadt, which is basically ‘Bloody Nice’. It’s a small town (but I believe it has city status due to its prominence as a mining centre in the 17th century). It sits on the edge of what I’m assuming is a man made lake which has a path around its entire perimeter and, as it was Easter Monday, it was heaving with people. I found a campsite right on the edge of the lake and set up the tent ⛺️, then went and had a few beers with the locals on the lake shore. The sun was out, it was a lovely evening ....NICE!!!!! 




Day 37. 

I was up early this morning as I wanted to go out and investigate. The reason I had headed to this particular location was so I could visit a place called Rudolfstein. ‘What’s at Rudolfstein Millsy” I hear you ask...well if you give me a bloody chance I’ll tell you.

Whilst surfing the net one day I saw the picture that is to the right......to me the top part of the rock formation looked like the head of an animal of some sort and this sparked an interest. I have seen and visited many locations worldwide where a forgotten civilisation has carved human and animal figures into natural rock formations. I’m not going to go into to much detail here about that side of my trip, but I will say that if you are curious as to why I think we may not be the first advanced civilisation to have thrived on this planet or you think along a similar line, please have a look at my ‘forgotten Past’ page in the links at the top of here.



It was about 5km from the campsite to the Rudolfstein site, which is at the top of a hill that dominates the south side of the town (City?). I had the entire track to myself and it was glorious. The sun was out and desperately trying to make up for the fact that it had been AWOL for far to long and any clouds that were about were purely hanging around for ascetic purposes. It was the first day that I had walked in ‘T shirt order’, since I started this little jaunt, I was warm and I was soooo bloody happy. I reached the summit and had the whole of that part of Bavaria in a 360 degree panorama.  I walked the site from top to bottom, ate lunch and thanked whatever or whoever is responsible for fashioning that particular moment in time.


I was back at the campsite for late afternoon and just sat on the floor outside my tent feeling good. I was then approached by Deiter & Edith who were staying in one of the caravans next to my tent. They turned up with a chair for me to sit on and also a bottle of beer, just to ensure I got with the full Bavarian vibe! I asked them if I could buy some petrol from them for my cooker, but no they were having none of that....not when they could walk into town and buy me a bottle of camping fuel instead!!!

I Chilled in my tent reading and drinking till long after the sun shot off to keep its appointment on the flip side.

Lake at Weissenstadt and my fat head once again ruining the shot  

Lake at Weissenstadt and my fat head once again ruining the shot 

Day 38.

Todays Mission = Reach Munich  ??

Things started very well when, as I was packing my tent away, a guy turned up in his 4x4 to take the caravan next to me away (it had been on this site for a year and he was now moving it to Austria).  Spoke good English and a nice guy.....”your not by any chance going south on the Autobhan are you” says I, “Vy yes” says Jo, and so the trip began.

Spelt Wrong I believe!  

Spelt Wrong I believe! 

A hop skip and jump later and I’ve made it to Munchen. I was picked up from an Autobhan rest station by a ‘Lutherian Pastor’, who informed me that “no he wasn’t a devilishly hot spaghetti dish’ but was actually from Poland and was going to Munich to attempt to procure some money for a stained glass window. (Its always stained glass windows, never an outdoor pool with jacuzzi and diving boards?), Andre I thank you my friend.

I’m now in a nice hostel in the city centre, I’ve had a shower (I think I was whiffing a bit...which may explain why Andre pointed every vent in the ‘pastor wagon’ at me) and I’ve washed all my gear. I’m going to push on in the morning, as I want to get to Berchesgarten and then onto the ‘Eagles nest’ which was Hitlers country retreat.

It has been a fantastic couple of days...I love the sun 🌞  

P.s. A big thanks to the lovely Natalie in the Weissenstadt Tourist Information office...Thanks for your help and I hope you enjoy following the blog.