Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 35-36.......Sitrep.

Day 35-36.

‘No plan survives contact with the enemy’



For those who have never been in the military, this is the phrase that is written on the very first page of the ‘Tactical Aid Memoire’ (TAM), issued to all commanders, at all levels, to enable them to formulate a plan in order to complete their given mission. If my memory serves me correctly it was a statement made by a German General in World War 2, who I think was called Von Moltike??(possibly iffy spelling there!). It basically means that you can have the greatest plan in the history of ever, but once it meets the randomness of reality it can all go tits up pretty rapidly…so keep it simple and be flexible.

Why do I mention this? Well I think it is something that will be very relevant over the whole of my journey and played a part in the past couple of days. I had booked into a youth hostel in the city of Hof and had planned to stay for one night before pushing onto a site called Rudolfstein to visit a megalithic site there. However that plan went tits up for a number of reasons

1)Easter weekend

2)The Weather

3)I was knackered

So I maintained that flexibility and kept it simple….i basically went to sleep for the weekend! I extended my stay at the hostel, ate more Kentucky Fried Chicken than any human ever should and watched a fair number of films, documentaries and really got stuck into the TV series ‘Sherlock’, with Bertentrude Cucumberpatch. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it, as I sat doing bugger all and watched the weather go through all 4 seasons in 10 minuets, whilst forcing just one more chicken piece into my fizog.

I also observed the worst case of ADHD (more commonly known as little shite syndrome), I have ever seen. I found myself experiencing a plethora of emotions ranging from amusement to anger and sympathy to frustration as the mother struggled to deal with the child in anyway whatsoever. Their nightly battle raged about 10cm from my head (through the stud wall) and ran from about 9:30 – 00:30 each evening. I could only visualise what was actually happening next door from the noise emanating through the wall, but I I can say beyond doubt there was an full brass band in the room, nuclear weapons were used on more than one occasion and if ever this kid gets organised and tries to start the fourth Reich, we are all screwed.


Day 36.

Early morning in Hof, Bavaria.

Early morning in Hof, Bavaria.

Woken early to the sound ‘Strumbhanfurher Bastardoz’ carrying out his latest Blitzkrieg on his mothers mental health and this prompted me to get the hell out of dodge. Packed and on the hoof before the first atomic weapons exchange of the morning.

Have been on the road trying to get to a town called Weissenstadt, which is the closest place to my next destination. The sun has put in an appearance, the sky is blue and Bavaria is as beautiful as you imagine it to be. The wether forecast shows the temperature’s climbing through the week, suggesting spring may have eventually sprung.

I needed that few days chill out, I didn’t realise how tired I was. I have nothing but sympathy for the family who were in the Hostel with me, but there has to be a reason for the kids behaviour. I saw him on his own watching TV in the same room I was, never even peeped for 2 hours. Mum walked in the room and ‘Boom’ off he went!. She has a very tough life at the moment, I hope it all settles for her.