Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 49-50......Sitrep.


Days 49 & 50 (half century…get in!!).

So I have been conducting a little time, speed & distance exercise and have realised that I need to get a bit of a wriggle on. Englands first game is in Volgograd on he 18th June (providing the powers that be don’t get us involved in something we really don’t want to get involved in), and even though that’s 2 months away,  between now and then I have to :-


1) try and figure out where I actually am so I can actually get moving (today…a little navigationally embarrassed shall we say!).

2) travel through, southern Austria, Slovenia, Croatia into Bosnia.

3) visit the mysterious stone spheres in Bosnia

4) visit and spend time exploring the Bosnian Pyramid (Visoko)

5) Meet Andrea in Sarajevo. ;o)

6) Travel through Serbia and drop Andrea in Bucharest, Romania.

  Andrea & Parker Jon.

 Andrea & Parker Jon.

7) visit the Trovant Stones (stones that are alive!!)

8) visit the Romanian Sphinx

9) Meet the life form that is Parker Jon

10) visit Chernobyl

11) catch train to Moscow

12) Meet Martyn Green in Moscow

13) Collect my tickets for the World Cup games

14) Travel to Volgograd (a long way)

So it’s advisable I get a shift on!

Day 49 was a pain in the arse. I walked in a massive 15km circle in an attempt to get to a point where I could thumb a lift on the Autobahn, without being stood in the fast lane….but as simple as that sounds it proved futile. As much as I actually enjoyed the walk through the pine forrest, at the point I realised I could see the location I’d set off from, 11hours before, only ½ mile up the road, the air turned blue, everyone in the world was a tosser, stick your Brexit where the sun doesn’t shine, don’t start me on religion and everyone generally F@@K off!.

  Ah!...thats where the road I was looking for was!!

 Ah!...thats where the road I was looking for was!!

I slept under a motorway flyover and drifted off to sleep with the last thought being that the road I actually needed, was 150 feet above me :o(







 Day 50 improved my general morale somewhat.

I was the model of personal admin with everything packed away,, socks changed, feet powdered, food & brew taken onboard and strip wash with wet wipe, all to the amusement of passing motorists.

Eventually hitched a lift from two young lads who were on their way to buy a car. Two really nice guys who are both doing their Austrian National Service with the Red Cross at present. Dave (the one buying a car) was banned from ‘pimping’ his car for 2 years due to being done by the coppers a few month back (he cant even put a different exhaust on!!), Thanks guys, top men….I wish you all the best.

  In the middle of the motorway interchange, trying to get out.

 In the middle of the motorway interchange, trying to get out.

Later in the day I ended up In the middle of a MAJOR motorway interchange after being dropped on the hard shoulder. The more I tried to get to safety the thicker the woods or lanes of fast moving traffic I ran into. I legged it across 3 lanes of traffic (fastest I’ve moved in many years), and then had to climb an 8ft wire fence, onto a road sign scaffolding, to get clear….. with the obvious chorus of car horns!

  Tobias, the slightly anorexic ‘Maxi’ and his awesome car ‘Rust 1’.

 Tobias, the slightly anorexic ‘Maxi’ and his awesome car ‘Rust 1’.

After a rest period I met Tobias, who is serving his National Service In the military as a border guard. He had a really cool car that was part safari Jeep, part rust; he has a skeleton in the passenger seat called ‘Maxi’ who always ride shotgun. Such a nice guy who again went out of his way to drop me off…thanks Tobias mate good luck to you (tell maxi he needs to eat more).

I slept outside a disused petrol station at the old border check point. Good point= it’s WIFI still worked….bad point= I slept on an ants nest. (Please insert more swearing).


Anyone who has ever been to the Balkans will know the sort of topography you see in Slovenia. Once you push south from the Austrian border you begin to enter the rolling steep-sided valleys, covered in dense forest (lime green at this time of year), that all have a decent size stream at the bottom of them. The house all have red tiled roofs that match the valleys for steepness and are sparsely populated throughout the whole countryside, making it seem as if every house owns 10 square acres each.

In the blink of an eye you at least half the cost of what I’ve been paying in all the countries I’ve travelled through so far, but don’t necessarily loose any of the western trappings. The larger buildings and rail stations all seem to have the look you’d associate with the old Soviet bloc, but McDonalds signs and high speed internet blast away any preconceived ideas you may have. I’ve just ordered a beer and the young lady who served me was the personification of the kind of Slavic beauty the women have out here, with jet black hair and the most crystal clear sky blue eyes imaginable. It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful……what more do you need?

Slovenia I’d have loved to see more of your stunning country and I am not doing you the justice you deserve, but unfortunately time waits for no man. I’m moving onto Zagreb in Croatia which again will only be a springboard into Bosnia. This is the downside of travelling through rather than travelling to a country but as I sit here drinking a very nice beer, I can think my self luck that I am at least getting these snapshots of a beautiful and peaceful world.

Oh one last thing. All this shit with Russia that’s apparently going on….Its all crap, don’t fall for it…its all to someone else’s agenda, not yours……turn off your TV’s and let them all go fuck themselves. It isn’t worth anyone’s sons or daughters life…from any side.