Dave Mills Continental Drift Day 48.......Sitrep

 Day 48.


It hammered it down through the night and there was something quite soothing about being awake at 2 in the morning listening to the beat being played on the tent by the waterboys drummers orchestra. I was up and about nice and early with tent packed, but decided to wait on the campsite till midday, as I had a radio interview to do for ‘Forces Radio BFBS’. They were due to call me at 12 UK time, as I am now a feature on one of the stations shows which, is hosted by Casey & Jay! I am now officially ‘Walkabout Dave’ and will pop up on their show weekly / bi-weekly to update the troops on my current whereabouts and circumstances.


Which basta put boot polish on my bino??  

Which basta put boot polish on my bino?? 

I do see a dangerous side to this though….the presenters have asked their listeners to set me tasks to complete as I travel, which is quite a good and fun thing I hear you all say. The only problem is that their listeners are all military….and I know for a fact that military people are sick and twisted individuals and I can see requests for things like ‘stand naked in front of the Kremlin’ or ‘get boot polish onto the eye pieces of Kim yung Un’s binoculars’ becoming a regular request! I’m either going to end up with my hand prints cemented into Hollywood Boulevard or my face cemented into North Korea’s latest flyover.

I did the interview and have to say that I feel it went really….crap. I felt as though I came across as about as interesting as a party political broadcast by the narcolepsy party. I had really excellent joke lined up that no one would have seen coming, just needing the right question to be asked and I was going to spring it on the world. The prompt did come and instead I think I gave a 5 minute monologue with regards to crop rotation in the 18th century. Maybe trying to give to give Vladimir Putin a wedgie might be the only way ill get a laugh after all?


After the interview I made tracks out of Vienna. Hitched a lift with the beautiful Andrea who works for the ministry of silly walks in the city (or maybe it was the ministry of education?) She was a very intelligent lady and loves Terry Pratchett so the conversation flowed and I think she knows every one of his books inside out. She lives out in the sticks in Austria, so dropped my at the slip-road that she came off at….and I’m still there. I’ve pushed about 150m away from the road, set up tent and have the most idyllic view to go to sleep and wake up to. I think I’m going to start reading the ‘Discworld’ novels again…..cant think why.