Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 10 & 11.....Sitrep

Day 10.

With SSAFA CEO, Andrew Gregory.

With SSAFA CEO, Andrew Gregory.

I was worried that having been in B & B’s for a couple of days would have a negative effect and this proved to be the case. I set off from the Union Jack Club, opposite Waterloo Station, for a meeting with some SSAFA guys at the Cenotaph, outside Downing Street, where it was planned that we would do a little photo shoot and sort out some PR stuff. Not only did the PR team turn up but also Andrew Gregory, who is the current CEO of SSAFA, at their headquarters located next to the Tower of London.

We managed to get some good pics but had to keep waiting for the tourist busses to leave. I did want to mention to Andrew that maybe we should walk 10 meters across the road to the Cenotaph and do an unimpeaded shoot right infront of it, instead of dropping short as we were. However when Andrew mentioned he was ex Royal Artillery, of 34 years service, I understood the issue straight away! (Military joke there).

From there the day went a bit ....well a bit ‘meh’......I really couldn’t get into things at all, morale kind of dribbled out of my boots and again I started wondering why I was the one doing this instead of reading about some other idiot who’d had the bright idea? 

with the SSAFA team and London bus!!

with the SSAFA team and London bus!!

I walked, thumbed a lift, walked some more and basically hated the world and everyone in it. As the afternoon wore on I decided that I had two choices

1) give up, get on a train home and forever be the man who set of to walk the world and never even got out of his own country. 


2) man up, grow a set, stop being a pussy and get on with it.


So I’m now back home, having paid £80 for a train ticket, which I though extortionate!. 


Only joking.....I’d never pay £80 for a train ticket......it was only £40!


Day 11. 

Well apparently I grew a set after all!


Woke this morning ready to go and full of beans (2 tins to be precise, Aldi, 18 pence a tin), I set off from Chatham, walking along the A2, heading southeast with the intention of making Dover. Chatham seems to have a big social issues there at the moment with lots of homeless on the streets. Also it appears the bin men are on strike.....at least I severely hope that’s the case, because if not someone on the council needs the sack schennellish!

Walked to the M2 in the hope of thumbing a lift, which I eventually did, after 1 1/2 hours, from a lovely lady who was just going to the next junction to fetch her daughter from nursery. Next I waited nano-seconds before a travelling Colombian cameraman, musician, video blogger and all round nice guy stopped to give me a lift. ‘Jimmy’ was a true wandering spirit, just travelling and filming his way through life! you can see his YouTube page at

Yezid Jimenez YouTube.   He is a good man!. 

After more walking i scrounged my last lift on the slip road to the M 20. I. Was picked up by what I thought was a police dog unit, but turns out was a private solo enterprise guy, who works security with his dogs nationwide. Really nice guy who I know will do well for himself in life, as he is prepared to get out there and graft and always invests in himself. Even though he was only going to Folkestone he drove me into Dover Town centre, before heading back again....thanks mate!

Im in a Hostel for tonight, as I’ve got another radio interview to do and also one in the morning. I’m on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire tonight at 17:45 then on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) tomorrow morning, it seems BFBS want to follow my trip and set me tasks along the way!! As long as they don’t want me to get a round in that’s fine.....must maintain standards and all that!

A whole new dimension to having a ‘ shit, shower Shave!

A whole new dimension to having a ‘ shit, shower Shave!

The toilet shower combo in the hostel, Is exactly that and you wouldn’t swing a cat in there as you wouldn’t be able to squeeze one in with you.

Tomorrow I head to France 🇫🇷, and become one of those ‘bloody foreigner types’

P.S Some people have noticed that one of my eyebrows has come down for a drink. As I’m now a ‘real life proper traveller’, I thought it best I get all beardy. Unfortunately I am to facial hair what Stalin was to community relations. I will give updates on my pathetic attempt to ‘gwow a pwopa beard’ but I’m not holding much hope :0(