Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 32-34.....Sitrep.


Day 32.

Day 32 was pretty much spent learning all about Colditz Castle.

I did the 11am extended tour (at a price that also kept extending the more you asked if you could actually get  booked onto it). It appears I jumped onto the back of a tour that had been arranged a fair while back, by 3 guys from the UK, called Miles, Martin & Patrick (hope I got the names right fellas), who were all mates from public school days and of whom one of them had a relative who  had been a prisoner in the Castle. Good bunch of lads and told some good stories, especially Miles, who meets a lot of famous people due to his job and had some good yarns to spin because of it.

Also Miles  wasn’t afraid to speak his mind,  telling the 3 young lads who had been running riot all the night before, that they were ‘little bastards’ much to my amusement, but not the boys parents who they were sat next to at the time!

Day 33.

Set off from Colditz and started walking south, it was a brisk day but the sun was shining……for at least 30 seconds before it packed up and left, leaving only miserable drizzle in its wake. My plan for the day was to get down into Bavaria, where I aim to visit another possible megalithic site before heading to the famous ‘Eagles Nest’, which was Hitlers Bavarian retreat up in the mountains.

  With Sandy in Rochlitz.

 With Sandy in Rochlitz.

I have to thank a few people who were just so bloody nice today. Firstly the lady who picked me up a few miles outside Colditz. She was in her 70’s and wasn’t phased at all about stopping to give a stranger a lift. She dropped me in the centre of a small town called ‘Rochlitz’, where I wandered into the tourist information office. It was here I met ‘Sandy’ who works there and who was superbly helpful and, as it transpired, has previously spent 6 months travelling the world with her husband and kids. She loved the trip I’m doing and we posed for a picture outside the office in the town centre. Thanks Sandy.


Later in the day another lady passed me and asked where I was going, I told her and she said ‘Nein’ then mentioned another town; I thanked her anyway and off she went. Ten minutes later she comes back for me and eventually I get that she is not going all the way to my required destination but can drop me close…how good is that? To turn round and come back again?? Brilliant. She is off to see Metallica this Saturday in Austria…At least I think that’s what she said, but let’s face it she could have offered me free tickets and flights to see Metallica in Australia and I’d be none the wiser!

  as per abuse...it’s neither fully tac,  semi tac or blu tac.

 as per abuse...it’s neither fully tac,  semi tac or blu tac.



I ended the day setting the tent up in a wooded area at the side of one of the autobahns. Decent night sat round talking to the trees (hello birds, hello trees), and answering all the abusive messages from ex army mates about my chosen campsite.


Day 34.


The Albanian Massive   

The Albanian Massive  

Emerged from the woods and went back to thumbing it. Was picked up by 4 lads from Albania who couldn’t speak a word of English and were listening to the worst CD of Albanian folk music you can imagine….lads..thanks a lot but please change the tunes. In fact I know a lady who could do them a great deal on tickets to see Metallica in Sydney?

I’m now officially in Bavaria, but only just (apparently). I’m in Hof (which isn’t as disgusting as it sounds), and I’m planning my next couple of days, during which I will be right out in the Ulu, at a place called Rudolfstein. The weather is definitely being female and can’t make its mind up if it wants to snow, rain or just give it all up and have a week off.



proof I can grow facial hair.