Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 29, 30 & 31....Sitrep.

Day 29.

This day turned into a little admin day.

I knew I was going to be travelling to Leipzig the next day, as I’d organised a lift via the BlaBlacar app (really ….you should all look into this, it’s a great idea and works for all parties).

I had thought about going to watch Eintracht Frankfurt play, but because it was international week non of the Bundesliga teams were playing, so instead I walked around the city centre and enjoyed a very lovely sunny day. The City was full of people, it was a nice atmosphere, there were street performers (amazing guy playing the piano), DJ’s playing in shops and a guy with no legs who was outstanding on the Harmonica, but people kept falling over him!

Day 30.

Had a decent nights sleep!! Spoke to ‘Disco Leg’ bloke and he informed me that it wasn’t disco leg after all, but that he was actually just going mental because of the noise being made by someone snoring (talk about issues!), it was later I realised the snoring was me!!

Met ‘Tuan’ (the driver), at the appointed time, ready for the drive to Leipzig. He is part time student and part time in the Military Police with the German Army. I considered offering a few of the old jokes about the MP’s, but decided that the overall effects would probably be lost in translation. Also hitching a lift was Johanna, who was a social worker from Leipzig. Amazing lady who speaks a million languages and has volunteered in aid agencies in places like Palestine and Bosnia etc. I spoke with her about a plethora of subjects and said that with her skills in language, she could easily find work anywhere in the tourism industry, but she said this would mean she couldn’t help those who needed help! One of life’s truly good soul’s.

Arrived in Leipzig and it seems a really nice city (as was attested to by a couple of people on Facebook), however having spent time in Frankfurt I was citied out, so decided that next morning I was going to make tracks to Colditz.

Day 31.

So that is what I did and I’m currently writing this whilst sat in a room in the castle (of which part of is now a youth hostel!). I have to say from the off, that the rooms are really nice with ensuite facilities etc and I really cannot understand why the guys wanted to escape? It may be because the only WIFI is in the lobby and not the rooms and if so then that’s reason enough to dig a tunnel.

I arrived to late for the tour and the next one is 11AM tomorrow and lasts 3 hours, so it looks like I’m staying tomorrow night as well! Had a brief walk around and it feels amazing to be in a place that was so well known by my generation after featuring in many war films and tv series.

Just had a lovely dinner and chatted with Amy, who is an antiques dealer from Gloucestershire. Her grandfather was held here during the war and featured in a number of the escape plans etc carried out by the British contingent. We spoke about the castle and it’s history and progressed to a very deep conversation which ranged from the causes of war to spirituality. Was very enjoyable.

I’m on the tour in the morning but tonight I will leave you with my thoughts, as I sleep in probably the most famous POW camp of all time.

Escape From Colditz?

So here I am,

I’m locked in the castle,

I want to escape,

But its such a big hassle.

There are towers with guns,

There are locks on all doors,

Dogs walk perimeters,

Guards on all floors.

I could dress as a German.

I could hide in a sack

There are guys who have done it,

But they keep coming back.

Tunnels, Gliders

We’ve tried them all

Brazen and laughing

Or quiet and crawl

There are some who have made it

Reached home and found fame

If it wasn’t so serious

It would be a good game

Which method should I try

How will I get free

Should I fashion some rope

Or climb down a tree

I’ve got it, I’ve sussed it

It’s not so much fuss

Ill check out in the morning

And then catch the bus.


Colditz pics to follow tomorrow. 




A short video of of my first month on the road.....