Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 22, 23 & 24....Sitrep

So It has been a busy few days, I have been on the move for most of it and have covered a fair bit of ground. There have been a number of incidents and in attempt to keep it all succinct, I will quickly list some of the more memorable ones.

1) Day 22

Very early in the morning and I was walking through a suburb of Metz, very cold and no one about. Car beeps its horn at me and guy waves at me and calls me over. I get near and he says “you want to go cologne?”……. What nice people thinks I…….“ah no I’m going to Saarbrücken….you going near Saarbrücken?”. He looks at me very funny and then says “so do you want cocaine or not?”, “ah sorry mate, mis heard you, but no thanks, bye”

Saarbrücken...Closed (& cold)

Saarbrücken...Closed (& cold)

2) Thumbed a lift but it turns out the lady was going the opposite direction (we only found this out as the motorway split), so I was dropped off on the hard shoulder of the motorway. During my attempt to get back to civilisation, I ended up in the middle of a field, in a thorn bush and caked in mud and not seeing the funny side of life.  Extracted myself  and eventually ended up stood at exactly the point I’d been offered Cocaine, 3 ½ hours earlier.

3) Crossed the boarder Into Germany.

  Cooking breakfast in my room!

 Cooking breakfast in my room!

4) Arrived in Saarbrücken, but it was closed?

5) Day 23

Woke to find Saarbrücken was still mostly shut with the only shop that was open, charging the same for a ‘Continental Breakfast’ as what you would be if you bought an average sized nuclear submarine. Cooked breakfast on my peak stove in my room.

6) Day 24 

I was picked up by Christian who is an Emergency specialist Doctor. He was driving a very nice and very fast looking car 🚙, that had RS written all over it (that’s all I know about cars), and bucket seats that barely accommodated my substantial backside. We chatted as he drove and he told me how the car was ‘ok mid range..say 160-220 Kph’ but he thought it lacked something in the 220 - 260 area, which is where he liked to drive! 

To support this statement he obviously felt that a demonstration was required…..so proceeded to give one. At this point of the journey we were passing ‘Ramstien’ USAF air base, which he was telling me was the biggest in Europe and had 30,000 US military personnel on it etc etc. As he spoke I was watching the speedometer creep past 250 kph and thought, to ease my tension,  I’d try a joke

Me ‘isn’t Ramstien a band as well?....are they out there playing in a field somewhere?”

Christian “ no zis is the airbase…I don’t think ze band play in fields”

Me “Ah …silly me”

We were now driving parallel to the runway and received a funny look from one of the F16 pilots, who was just reaching take off speed as we shot past him.


  17 men in the fraternity. 4 beers per man = 78 crates of beer please. 👍 

 17 men in the fraternity. 4 beers per man = 78 crates of beer please. 👍 

7) Met Jonathan, who was a really nice guy and is studying Business in Mannheim. He gave me a quick tour of the City, showed me his Fraternity building in the city centre (very exclusive) and gave me a free beer in their bar. He told me how Mannheim was flattened during the war & I told him how the same happened to Coventry. We both agreed that humans can be very stupid at times. PS the amount of beer the fraternity had, considering there are only 17 guys living there, was outstanding...gentlemen I doff my cap to you.


  Jonathan...Great bloke, secret fraternity & outstanding beer supply.

 Jonathan...Great bloke, secret fraternity & outstanding beer supply.



Mannheim is very industrial, massive chemical plants everywhere (BASF). My thoughts as I walked through the place were “if WW3 ever kicks off, this place would have more nukes targeted at it than you can shake a shitty stick at”. A strange thought to have but very true!



Heading towards Felsenmere, which is another location I wish to visit which may have links to a forgotten ancient past?


A short video after my time on the Somme.