Dave Mills Continental Drift Days 5&6......Sitrep

Aye it’s a cold wind that’ll blow from the East…A Cold wind ah tell ya!

It actually seemed like it was more from the North to me, but the sentiment was the same. It was a snowy and cold start to the morning in Amesbury, but once the snow ceased it was a beautifully bright day, there was however a queue of brass monkeys outside the welders shop on the high street?


I set of to walk to Stonehenge which soon got the body heat going and life just felt great. It didn’t take long to get to the monument, which looks superb and is still as mind blowing as when I first saw it 30 years ago? One thing that did strike me as I approached, is that the road that used to run along side the monument is now just part of the surrounding fields, but still discernible as a straight line feature. This made me consider if any of the other features near Stonehenge are similar (there are 3 ‘ancient’ roads run to the site directly), in that they were built by people totally unconnected to the stone builders? If you read about the site, there is apparently a lot more to it than the stones themselves, but are they all of the same timeframe? If we were wiped out now, would future generations ascribe the modern but overgrown road to the stones and hence draw false conclusions?


Now ….I’m going to have a little moan here.. the admission fee to get into the stones is almost bang on £20. They state they get at least a million tourists a year, now that’s 20 million squid a year before anything else. Whilst they conserve the site, there is no way they spend 20 mill each year! Someone from that non-profit organisation is doing very well indeedy thank you very much. Cut the price, it’s a monument for the human race you thieving bastards.


So I snuck in


Then I got thrown out!


I have to say though that james the young guy who turned me out was the nicest evictor you would want. We had a chat for 5 minutes about the site and I asked him his theory on it all; he thinks it’s a Calendar for predicting the solstice etc. Now , as much as many will tell you they know, nobody knows what Stonehenge was for and when it was built….nobody. However to me, going all the way to wales, cutting the rocks and transporting them to the middle of the plain seems excessive, when you could do exactly the same with timbers etc, such as seen at woodhenge and Avebury?, if placed right these could be easily replaced when required. We need to apply Occam’s razor to this. This doesn’t mean everything was done with the simplest means, it means when all factors are considered, the simplest answer, no matter how inconceivable, must be correct. The simplest answer is they had the technical means to cut, transport and erect those stones easily and that means technology.


One day we may know? You all know I think differently and consider that it may be one of many connected sites worldwide?


After my eviction from the ‘stone house’, I set of cross country to Bulford Garrison where I was based as a young soldier. The camp is now very modern and has more fences than the Mexican boarder. Couldn’t get in to any of the lines themselves but stood at the gate to my old barracks (Picton Bks), chatting to the current Provost Sergeant. Next to the gate is the gym and I remember being in there in, I think 1987-88 watching Nigel Benn train in preparation for his first fight with Chris Eubank (Benn was from our regiment). Our Provost Sargent made all the new lads get in the ring With Benn so he could spar with us…that was fun!


Afterward I began hitchhiking towards London in preparation for this weekend. I have some PR stuff to do and a live online interview with a backpackers community. I will be staying in the Union Jack club over the weekend and seeing Andrea for a day. I will use the time to rectify any kit issues I’ve noted over the past week, as well as let my body rest after the initial shock of actually having to walk carrying a heavy pack for the first time in 18 years! Come Monday I head towards Dover and the rest of the world from there!


I received lifts of two guys who are self employed in the construction industry, one from a guy who is a case worker for the charity Bernardo’s and a guy just getting over radiation therapy for throat cancer. This morning (day 6), I was picked up by ‘Fi’, who is serving in the RAF as an aircraft engineer and has just found out that, in 14 days time, she is off to the Falkland Islands for 6 moths so was moving all her kit home from her current posting. She had a car full of kit but still pulled over to give a guy a lift!  Nice one Fi and thanks to you all.


I’m currently in Wembley, having just visited the ground (C’mon you English Boys), and due to the crap weather am staying in a room in a ladies house I found Uber cheap on AirB&B.