Dave Mills Continental Drift Day 3 ...sitrep

Day 3 did not start well.

Repairs to my sleeping mat

Repairs to my sleeping mat

Woke about 2 in the morning and it was very cold outside; I could tell this because of the freezing air coming in through the 2 cm gap in my sleeping bag that was open above my face. The rest of me was toastie though, as I was wearing every piece of clothing I possessed, but my bladder was letting me know that it wasn’t happy and would I do something about it please?. Having plucked up the courage, I exited the tent and added some of my DNA to the Avebury monument. As I tried to get back into my doss bag I heard a rip, followed by a rush of air and had a sinking feeling as my Gucci, all singing and dancing lightweight air bed, all singingly deflated. This lead to a very uncomfortable night where I also added a lot of body heat to the Avebury monument, whilst rhythmically swearing like a good un!


The sun finally put in an appearance and I set of to find a B&B, in order to drop my kit, allowing me to wander the Avebury and surrounding areas easier. I was directed to a house owned by Antonette, who is a very spiritual lady and sat and had a coffe with her and a couple who were her other guests. The next hour was a really interesting chat, in which we discussed the energy of the stones and how they affect people. For me it was a very emotional chat, as I can honestly say I felt a lot of positive energy in the room which left me just feeling very happy. Amazingly Antonette said that I did not have to pay her for the room for the day, but to put the money (£50) into my just giving account for SSAFA (please see the link on my site to donate). Amazing people.


The rest of the day I spent exploring the Avebury site and areas, including Silbury Hill and the Sanctuary. I cannot say it was because of the monuments (and I can’t say it wasn’t either), but I just felt good all day, I walked miles around the villages, in the bitterly cold wind, but just enjoyed every minute.

One thing that really made me smile was when I got chatting to a tour guide in the museum at Avebury, really nice fellow and very knowledgeable. I asked him about the earth works and how they were dug (a ditch, about 10 meters deep, with steep sides, in just under a mile circumference), and he told me it was farmers, about 4000 years ago, only in the winter and they dug it with deer antlers! this is why I’m on this trip ladies and gents, you only have to stand in the ditch now to know that it was a massive engineering project to shift that amount of earth, and they are half the size they used to be. Any soldier who has dug in on Salisbury Plain will tell you that after about 1 foot you hit very hard chalk which is a mother to dig...I know, I was one of those soldiers!


We need to start looking at things differently, we need to consider our history could be wrong. Avebury is not a part time project by some nomadic farmers, it was a site planned excavated and built over a massive area, using 100 tonne blocks of stone and shifting millions of tonnes of soil....and it’s just one of many many similar sites worldwide.  Let’s reconsider?




Pictures above. The original depth of ditch at Avebury, the antlers the apparently dug it wit, the entire site the ditch covered ......and my best blister yet