Dave Mills Continental Drift, Day 2...Sitrep

Set off this morning from my campsite a couple of miles outside Chippenham and started walking South East along the A4, with the intention to walk to Avebury.  This Tiny Hamlet, tucked into a rolling valley on Salisbury plain, is famous for its standing megalithic stones and earthworks and is the first such site I will visit on this journey.


Night 1 Campsite

Night 1 Campsite

Stopped in Calne, which is a a small village about 4 miles from where I had slept the previous evening. I say its small but Calne shares similar qualities with the T.A.R.D.I.S in that it’s definitely bigger on the inside than it is from outside appearance. Having had a brunch type affaire, it took what felt like hours to get to the other side of the town but eventually Calne relented and the landscape opened up into the rolling plain that the area is famous for.


It was stunning weather to walk In, with not a cloud in the sky and the sun shone gloriously all day as it tracked across the sky. I was playing with my GoPro all day taking pics and video and started trying out the voice control commands. Now my GoPro is acting like a petulant child, in that it only hears what it wants and ignores the rest; this lead to one particular incident in which I’d gotten into a one way shouting match with the camera. I was tying to get it to shoot some video, whilst I was having a brew stop, and was shouting “Shoot…SHOOT…WILL YOU BLOODY SHOOT FFS”. It was at this point I looked up and saw a group 15 year olds, with their teacher, who was attempting to hurriedly move the amused kids along, whilst also looking out for possible snipers who I was radioing to. As I hurriedly tried to explain that I was talking to my camera, the GoPro seemingly lost all interest in the situation and turned itself off…..you just cant get the staff!.

After a stunning days walk I arrived in Avebury which is a beautiful village. They are trying at all cost to avoid the area becoming commercial, similar to Stonehenge, so you have access to a vast majority of the stones and the whole area that is the Avebury Monument (see Pics)….. apart from right now when half of it is shut!!

However because of this I did decide to nip into one of the ‘out of bounds areas’ and set up camp for the night, so happy days…..I’d love to say it was a happy night…but I cant…it was FREEZING!! See pics below

I will go into more detail about Avebury and the megaliths in the forgotten History page on my website.

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The Road to Avebury (the A43) stunning walk and the White horse on the hill looked superb