Day Mills Continental Drift......Day 1 Sitrep

It has begun...More later tonight!!

dat=y 1.JPG


this is a roundup of my day one activities since the above pictures were taken and things all went a bit mad.

I was due to set of from the Ricoh Arena and so, in a small convoy, we headed there and found that Kevin, the head of Warwickshire & Coventry branch of SSAFA, had set up our little PR bit / post in what was the coldest place in Coventry that morning, which was in the shade at the main entrance to the Arena. It was bloody freezing.

luckily I was able to leave all of my adoring public (can I use the word Fans or would devout followers be better?), and nip into the warm, in the casino, to do a live Radio interview with BBC Coventry &Warwickshire. To say I was terrified is an understatement, with not being the ‘live radio’ interview type person. I managed to waffle my way through it and would like to say I wasn’t kicked off the air but I can’t do so with 100% positivity.

we all then piled into cars and took another convoy into Coventry City centre. We sheepishly stood by the Godiva statue having a photo shoot (work it baby yeah, your an animal baby!) as people walked past looking at us like we were a bunch of escaped nutters. As we left the square, lady Godiva was just doing a wee lap of honour on the clock face, which seemed quite apt. 

I parted company with my ‘disciples’ from outside the Coventry Council house and set of after many, many rounds of goodbyes. At that point I learnt two things....1) I really wanted to be one of those people who was doing the waving, instead of the one being waved at. 2) my Bergan (backpack), was getting exchanged for a different one at the first military surplus shop I can find (mines Russian, and I’m going to change it for a good one British one).

i then found out that the age of hitch-hiking is not dead. I thumbed a lift within 8 minutes of trying from Jackie, Charlotte & Jed, who were all heading home after a training session in Karate, in which they are all black belts and were still all wearing their head kicking pyjamas. Guys I can’t thank you enough! 

having been dropped off by the ‘Mr myiagi’ crew,I walked a few miles before I tried thumbing it again. 5 minute later and success as I was picked up by a guy who was brilliant and took me all the way to Chippenham . He was a brilliant bloke who works on the railways and is a fellow traveller and having spent about an hour with him guess what...I can’t remember his name!!  Sorry bud but thanks you were a great person to meet on my first day.

once dropped off in Chippenham I walked through the town and was stopped by loads of people who wanted to know what my trip was all about; people were so friendly, but I have to say the line of the day came from on guy who I asked for directions to the road to went like this

Him “Avebury...oh lovely place, the stones are magnificent“

Me “excellent..I’m of to Stonehenge after” 

Him “it’s bloody £20 to get in’s ruined”,! 


i hiked a few miles then set up camp in a woods alongside a canal, it got COLD very quickly and I had to just get in my doss bag and chill out. Eventually I had a great nights kip and there was only a small amount of frost bitten nose that I had to hack off this morning! 


pictures to follow, just small technical issue to sort. 

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