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It is my opinion that currently accepted history is wrong and that our true history has been either forgotten or (and the one I see as more likely) it has been erased / amended so as not to be a threat to the power bases that have controlled societies over the past millennium, ie religions.

There is, in my opinion, undeniable evidence scattered all over the planet which suggests that there was at least one civilisation in our distant past, which was technologically advanced to the point that, with our current point of technological development, we are only now starting to see their remains for the technological marvels they are. As our understanding of physics, astronomy, astrophysics & geology increases, we are starting to see ancient megalithic sites, which we had been told were designed for religious purposes, may in fact have a far more technical and productive function.

Turtle meets Dave Mills

Turtle meets Dave Mills

To achieve this paradigm shift we firstly need to consider how we got to the point of believing and not questioning the current history we are taught in schools (at a very young and impressionable age!). We know that over the past millennium Christianity, Islam etc have controlled not only societies with an iron fist but have also been the source of all of the information that was fed to their populations. We can see that all of the ‘old school’ seats of learning were originally and still are, strongly linked with religion. Scholars had to make any research fit within a set time limit and anyone who suggested any otherwise risked fates ranging from being ostracised by their peers to death due heretical suggestions. We can see the strides taken by Christianity to remove from the South American continent any evidence which was a threat to their power system; fortunately many of the structures they encountered were designed and built to withstand more destructive forces than those possessed by the rampaging conquistadors and still survive today to allow us to see them through our opening eyes.

Imagine what would happen if people became aware of our tue history; if the ancient megalithic structures were seen to be the technological masterpieces they truly are? The timeline, validity and dogmatic base of all religions would vaporise and instantly remove the grip they had over peoples fears; the church is aware of the fragility of their position and that is why they have taken the actions they have to keep the populations in the dark; ‘do not question Gods actions…he works in mysterious ways’.

Imagine if we as a civilisation were wiped out tomorrow. The human race was destroyed by either a natural disaster (meteor strike, polar shift etc) or we destroyed ourselves (nuclear War). There would be small isolated pockets of survivors, spread across the plant, struggling to survive the climactic changes that would follow a disaster. Those pockets would slowly revert to what we call caveman levels and knowledge of what had been before would be passed down but be diluted or forgotten in a rolling game of generational Chinese whispers. The physical signs of the previous civilisation would decay as the ravages of time took their toll but the largest and strongest would last the longest.

Imagine if those isolated societies began to reemerge and developed organised civilisations