Day 12 ....... Sitrep (currently writing this whilst sat drinking a latte in the square at Olantaytambo. I am 24 hrs behind on my sitreps and trying to catch up !)


I would like to say that I awoke in my hotel ready and raring to go to 'Michu Pichu' but alas this was not the case. Unfortunately the, what sounded like 20,000 Peruvians, in the room next door had decided it was party time!

Now, having 'partied hard' myself at various stages of my life I was trying to let it all pass me by but at 05:30 the red mist descended and I conducted what would be known in the military as a 'room assault', followed by a hot debrief, of the 3 very drunk Peruvian gentlemen inside. At the end of this strongly worded and aggressively delivered speech the pissed up Peruvians all sheepishly walked out of the hotel to god knows where???


A call to the tour company to ask where my transport to the train station was created what I can only imagine was panic in a "oops we forgot about him" kind of way. This resulted in a screeching taxi arriving outside and a 25 minute, high speed, high G taxi ride to the train station in the next town, just making the train by one minute. I have to mention that the whole octain fueled journey was accompanied by a Brittany spears album, about which the driver confirmed what I was beginning to suspect, in that "I love Britney Spears".

Fate played a hand on the train journey to Michu Pichu and sat me next to an American University Professor who is as daft as I am and has beliefs and theories exactly like mine. These facts ensured the 3 1/2 hour ride to Michu Pichu, passed in a flash, amid discussions about fake moon landings and orchestrated 9/11 attacks (which he watched from his apartment in Manhattan).

Michu Pichu is amazing (blog to follow) and you could spend hours and days there just marvelling at its beauty and technical brilliance. I had a tour with 2 Canadian college students, who I'm convinced thought I was a complete throbber, due to my constantly asking the guide questions that went against what he was telling us or that he simply could not answer.


However when one of them asked if the metal hand rail coming down one of the steep stairs was Incan? I decided it did not matter what they thought and marvelled at modern education!

Spent a few more hours with my American professor, during which we jointly re-wrote the history of Michu Pichu and found we are both booked on the same bus to Puno in 24 hours time.

A train back to Olantaytambo and into a hotel there concluded what has been a truly, truly memorable day.