Day 13.... Sitrep

Cracking schlaf last night, no partying Peruvians, no zombies, just good honest unconsciousness!

Quick final blast around Olantaytambo this morning then onto a coach back to Cusco. My ticket was booked on coach with specific seats but when I get on-board there was just me and an older age American couple. I flopped down on the first seat I come to, which was followed by..

"Oh.. er ok.. er.. ok I thought we were allocated seats, er ok er ... I think your in our seats"

"Terribly sorry old chap, your absolutely right, I would not like to see you two standing all the way back to Cusco, please wait a second whilst I select one of the 43 other available seats" ?

Back in Cusco and the Opening World Cup 2014 game. I figured I'd find a bar, have some food and watch the match. It was a bit early  for kick off, but I approached one of the guys in the street who normally hassles you to come into his restaurant and asked "You have a TV?... can I watch the World Cup game and just have some beers?"

"Si of course come this way"

Al Paca.....makes a great Stoganoff

Al Paca.....makes a great Stoganoff

An hour later, after a very nice Alpaca Stroganoff and 5 mins before kick off, the owner asked me " can you go now sir, the restaurant is booked"


Found another place which turned out to be full of Brazil fans. This fact was actually something I had not realised my loud and rowdy celebrations of the opening Croatian goal, was met with deathly silence and tumble weeds all round.

However 3 Brazilian goals later and (Thankfully), a lack of ability on the Brazilians part to understand my shouts of "you dirty cheating Brazilian B******s" saw an amicable parting of the ways.

Thoughts of the match. Brazil looked vulnerable on the flanks, David luis had an immense game, Namahr looked very good (much to my disgust), refereeing was suspect, and I think a draw would have been a fair result.


At least we now know it's a diving competition, so Roy Hodgson needs to get his boys practicing on the high boards... When in Rome !

Night bus to Puno tonight.