Day 11 ...... Sitrep.

8 AM and I'm 'three sheets to the wind' with Coco..

8 AM and I'm 'three sheets to the wind' with Coco..

Woke this morning in the hotel 'Tuco' and was immediately forced, yes forced, to drink beer with the owner 'Coco', in order to celebrate his 50th birthday. Not wishing to offend the locals I thought it best to join him in 'blowing the froth' of a few.

A little later in the morning I was collected by a driver to take me to a new hotel which was part of a Machu Pichu package, booked prior to coming out to Peru.

To be honest thought after the early morning session with Coco, they could have taken me to see the local sewage plant and I would not have cared.


This had unfortunate consequences for my guide around the city of Cusco and local archeological sites, William. 
Part of the tour was the local cathedral and in my inebriated state I proceeded to tell William exactly what I thought of the catholic religion, and exactly where they could stick their cathedral. In fact, as William later attested, it was a different type of tour for him as the tourist did the vast majority of the talking.

Onto saccsayhuwan, a supposed inca site over looking Cusco, where I again did Williams job by telling him exactly who built the place and that current theories and religious beliefs are in fact a crock of arse.


The tour finished with William denouncing Catholicism, planning a personal vendetta against the local arch bishop and deciding to leave his family and go live in a tent on the shores of lake titicaca, to watch for emerging UFOs.

My work here is done.