Day 9 .... Sitrep.

Having had 24 hours chill and admin time In Nasca, it was time to get this show back on tracks again.

The International 'Sand Dune Surfing' finalists....

The International 'Sand Dune Surfing' finalists....

Early start for a flight over the Nasca lines, having done a small ground tour the night before.

The flight over the lines was superb (see Nasca Lines blog), weather was clear and great views of the lines and glyphs. The flight was done in a 6 seat Cessna light aircraft, so everyone on board had a window seat. The English lad sat next to me started asking the pilot if "we could do a loop the loop or barrel roll?". This received a look from the pilot which said " you are completely retarded?"; During this exchange I was busy trying to cover up the England badge on my top, in case they thought I was with him.

Had finished flight by midday so I was going to go and chill in my hotel until time for my overnight coach journey to Cusco, but instead decided to go full 'Carpe Diem' and booked a tour to visit some pyramids, a graveyard and to go dune buggy riding, with dune surfing thrown in!

The pyramids and graves were interesting (I have to again point out that these pesky pyramids, that are thousand of years old, keep popping up on EVERY continent... which is a lovely coincidence, seeing that apparently they were from completely un-connected cultures. At this point I'm coughing, please insert your worst swear word into the middle of that cough)

Anyway I digress. Some great fun dune buggy riding, (see video).. 
Conversation with Chico, our driver, went like this:-

David Beckham...

David Beckham...

"Where are you from"
"England mate"
"Oh England..I love England.. Wayne Rooney.. are you from London?"
"No mate I'm from Coventry... It's in the middle"
"Ah Coventryitsinthemiddle, I know this place"
"Glad to hear it fella"


The dune surfing was great fun and being the ex Arctic Warrior that I am, I impressed all present with several demonstrations of the NATO STOP (for the un-educated that is falling forward and using your face as a braking system). The whole thing culminated with a competition in which everyone lay on their board at the top of a large Dune, set off sliding and the one to go the furthest won for their country.

In what I feel will be an accurate representation of the upcomming World Cup, we were walloped in elegant fashion by Brazil........and Peru, Argentina, Chille and Spain but you you can rest assured that the 65 year old woman, representing Columbia, got her arse well and truly kicked.

However.. I did save the best till last, when for the hour long journey back to Nasca, during which it was pitch black and blowing a freezing sand storm, I was sat in the front seat, in my T shirt, whilst everyone else in the back was wrapped tightly in a good number of blankets...but fear not.. In true British stuff upper lip fashion, I showed complete indifference to the onset of hypothermia and did nothing but casually adjust my sunglasses, as the top layers of skin on my face and arms, were merrily sand blasted away.