Day 8 (I think?) ....sitrep AM

I never realised I had such a fat head?

I never realised I had such a fat head?

Had a bit of a chill time this morning, sorting out personal admin etc (i.e sleeping). I took a wander into Nazca town and booked a trip to see the 'Nazca Lines' this afternoon and then to take a flight over them tomorrow morning. I also booked the night bus for tomorrow night to get me to Cusco; 14 hour journey but the bus is all singing and dancing, with reclining seats, food and belly dancers so looks top draw.

Met a guy from Belgium who is travelling out here alone, the same as me and he was a really sound fella, who had one day woke up, binned his job and missus and just got on the plane out here.

There are a lot of wanderers out here just with their back packs on, drifting round the country and the continent; it's quite a Nice feeling just sitting and spending time with people, hearing their stories, swapping tips on future plans or past experiences, then moving on.


My face is currently as burnt as Joan of Arcs arse, and trying  to shave was fun. 

Will put pics from the lines on later.