Early start this morning to be met by Jose and his friend, business partner, driver, shop keeper and all round good egg... Jose.

1003398_1454765001435550_1183126646341512986_n.jpg would appear that good egg Jose was at the arse end of the Que when 'driving like a suicidal nutter' skills were handed out, as he drove like a complete Jesse and was chewed up and spat out by all the other Jose's on the road!

'Slow Jo' dropped us off on the the outskirts of Lima to meet a mini bus type 'thing' which was due to take us up to Markawasi. The coach ride up there can be described in one of 2 ways.

1) Awesomely stunning and a tribute to the tenacity of mankind, in overcoming any obstacle before them.


2) Down right bloody terrifying.

Im going with option 2.

the roads to San Pedro...

the roads to San Pedro...

The thousands of feet drop less than a tyres thickness from the side of the coach, found me utilising a skill I never knew I possesed, that of being able to create suction through my rear end to glue myself to the seat.

We arrived miraculously at San Pedro, 10, 000 feet above sea level, ate a quick lunch then undertook a horse ride a further 3000 ft to reach Markawasi.

A superbly enjoyable experience with a couple of points to note.

Me on the 'Gas powered' horse & Jose on the horse behind.

Me on the 'Gas powered' horse & Jose on the horse behind.

1) upon mounting the horse, it turned its head to look at me, with what can only be described as the horse equivalent of "are you taking the piss?" look on its face.

Secondly, in what can only be described as an incident of equine revenge, half way up the track my horse squeezed itself close to its mate who then proceeded to do a huge wet fart onto my left leg. As I type 24 hours later a can still smell and see the effects.


Arrived at markawasi and did some exploring (described in a separate blog). Partook in a cracking dinner, made by one of the guides, who also put our tents up for us as well. I was quite surprised when the smallest tent of all, which I thought was for the dog, turned out to be mine but was that tired did not really care at that point. Not the greatest nights sleep what with an altitude sickness headache, and having to listen to Jose in the tent opposite doing his best impression of the horses fart from earlier!

More pics to follow a little later x