Day 10 ....... Sitrep

T  own of Olantaytambo in the background

Town of Olantaytambo in the background

Woke early this morning in the hostel in Cusco and had a great chat with a Dutch couple who it turns out were on the same flight out as me. They were of the opinion that the Dutch will not do very well in the World Cup but thought England could win it (an opinion shared by many out here !). I told them I thought they should seek a good psychiatrist. It appears we are all pessimists.

I decided to catch a local bus to Olantaytambo and it reminded of the flight to Kathmandu that Eddie Murphy takes in the film Golden Child; the only thing missing was the goat. On the bus I ended up sat next to a woman who was at least 400 years old & who was wearing a shawl that appeared to have its very own eco system. As it was quite cramped on board my arm ended up resting against the shawl and some living creature, that was residing in there, had a very nice twelve course meal, which left my forearm looking like a relief map of the Andes.

Olantaytambo is stunning and full of stuff that someone of my beliefs can get stuck into. Am going back in a few days and will write more about it then.

Olantaytambo...the ruins are on the bottom left of the escarpment in the middle-ground

Olantaytambo...the ruins are on the bottom left of the escarpment in the middle-ground

The mini bus ride back to Cusco was uneventful. I was sat next to the driver who spoke to me in Spanish for the entire journey back, of which I know about 10 words, but if he laughed, I laughed, if he gestured so did I and I think I got away with it for the hour and twenty it took


Just out for something to eat in central cusco, wanted a salad as it's been very bread based lately., unfortunately I got a bowl of salad the size of Andorra and about 60 chicken nuggets!

When in Rome.