DAY 1... Essay's, Trains & Paper Planes.

Day One ..."Ready for the off"

After a long night frantically trying to re write an essay for the final module of a Masters Degree, the day I've been waiting for has eventually arrived and I can begin this small jaunt through the South American continent.

My taxi (Dad), arrived in time to watch me hoover the entire house in 5 minutes, before we left with him offering all the helpful comments you would expect from your father (Im sure my daughter would agree!). Uneventful train journey to londinium and then settled into my hotel.




Walking through the city with my backpack on, made me realise it could make you a prime target in the big cities of Brazil.

Had vivid memories of standing on the corner of 'machine gun' alley in Coalisland (Northern Ireland), during my first day on the streets with the 'Antler' on my back! Those who know what I'm on about will understand!

Went into full retard mode early doors, by getting on the wrong tube and nearly ending up back in Coventry, before realising! As I stepped of the tube I ran straight into an old mate from school and after several pints of amber nectar and a few jäger bombs, I eventually watched England do Peru.

Wembley for England V Peru....Sporting my best Doofus haircut!

Wembley for England V Peru....Sporting my best Doofus haircut!

My thoughts on the game; Rooney looked poor, sterling looked decent and a nice goal from Sturridge. However the best bit of the night and by far receiving the biggest cheer, was when a paper plane, dispatched from the top tier of the stand behind the goal, floated majestically and with purpose, out from the stand and over the pitch. With the crowd going bonkers and with pure comic genius, it twatted the Peruvian centre back square in the face and THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why Britain is is great.